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Trying to speed up.....countdown to Sportrelief 3 miles

I've just done w7r1 tonight and decided to try a couple of higher-speed intervals during my 25 mins to get myself running a bit faster - after all, I'd already done 25 mins on wk6r3. Hmmmm. Did NOT feel great - I completed the run but my lungs felt they were bursting out of my chest most of the time. (It doesn't help that there are a couple of hills on my route). The interesting thing was that my legs were fine at the end - it was just my lungs - whereas when I first did the 25mins my legs were like jelly when I got home! So I seem to have made some progress - and I did almost complete 3k in my 25 mins, which is more than last time..... But I probably worked harder than at any other time during C25K.

I wouldn't normally be worried about going faster - it's just that I'm doing Sportrelief 3 miles in 2 weeks' time and don't want to be unprepared and have a miserable day.

Any tips, lovely C25K-ers? Is this just too soon to be trying intervals?

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No tips but I'm on week8 and also signed up for 3miles - haven't tried intervals but maybe I should? It's a fun run though so I'm not going to pressure myself too much. Good luck!


Like Scaly said, It's a fun run type thingy isn't it, so just go with it and enjoy the feeling :) Well done for signing up, I should get off my fat backside and do the same ;)


Well done for being able to speed up, that's really impressive. I just finished the same run and I think challenging yourself so its not monotonous is a good idea. Maybe just do a little bit of speeding up 2 2mins or something. :)


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