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CATCH-UP CORNER...AUGUST...WEEK 2... COME on in and REST awhile :)

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Hello ….

Here we are again!

Come on in, grab a cushion, sit down and breathe...

Time to relax and time to share what has been going on!

The weather here in the UK, is hotting up again this week, for a short time anyway! So....if anyone feels like I do, it is time for a rest.

There have been a fair few posts this last week with a few questions being asked, a few niggly pains causing grief and a few folk having to ease back a tad. Thank goodness I am on the right side of my last setback, and I did actually manage to get out for a walk/ run... not far, not fast....but so welcome:)

There have been a few more folk appearing this week too. A few! A heck of a lot of folk...! Lots of new runners and a fair few returning after a while away.

Since we are here, since we are relaxing... that is what I want to ramble about, rest and relaxation:) I know that this has been touched on before, but maybe we need a reminder?

We all come to this forum and we all know we are going to be taking part in a plan. We read the pinned post, telling us how to do it, ( I hope), and we all know where we are going, It is there... on our apps and here in black and white.

We read the plan. We see what runs are coming, in what week, and then we notice the word REST.

REST... in a running programme?

How on earth, if I am to try to do this in nine weeks, am I going to have time to REST! Why do I want to REST? I want to get to that podium... !

Well...the answer is very simple.

NOT running, is just as important as running. As the C25K programme shows, at least ONE REST day between runs is essential.

Rest days help to strengthen your body, focus your mind and also boost your motivation.

Our muscles need a breather too...

When we run, we create microscopic tears in our muscle fibres ,, depending on how hard we have worked in the running, ( or any exercise), our muscles need a minimum of 36 to 48 hours to repair. If we ignore this, our poor running body has no chance to rebuild and strengthen muscles; they just continue to break down,,,. And we all know what that means. Trouble.

Our REST days are not just important to prevent injury... they are also, just as important mentally... stress relief , if you like :) A breather for our mind as well as our body.

For me, and for many of us, running acts as a stress reliever, a time for ourselves, a time to lose the worries and problems of our lives, maybe.

BUT.. and I learned this to my cost, October 2020.... every single time we put on our running shoes and head out...our body reacts with an increase in level of the stress hormone, Cortisol.


Well think of it as the flight or fight bit... your body does not know why you are doing this.. are your running from a bear or running because it is enjoyable.

Increased cortisol levels can have all sorts of nasty repercussions, like not sleeping, mood swings, eating issues and higher stress and anxiety,,, scary eh? In my case it gave me.. a healthy active person, great healthy eating regime, perfect weight and build.. a Pre Diabetes diagnosis,...yup!

I was running too much, too hard, for the wrong reasons, overthinking everything and not taking any time to be kind to myself. Lessons learned...the hard way, I am still building back!

So...if we are unkind to our body, it is really over-protective and it fights back...enough, is enough, When that happens, it can be a very, very long road back, I know this !

So after the dire warnings...what do we do?

Well, on the C25K plan, we take those essential REST days, without fail and IF we feel we need an extra one or two REST days, then we take them. Our body is saying, I need a bit longer to recover... and NO, you will not lose ground by doing that.

On some of our REST days, we may do some low impact exercise, just to keep everything moving,

Swimming, aqua jogging and walking,,, a great way to get the fresh air and just take it all in. Simple everyday tasks, housework, a spot of gardening, normal activities.

If you are repeating C25K or a more experienced runner... then you could take a little longer off, as a REST period... a few days of much lighter activity and a few more days where you do a little more strength and stamina work with much shorter runs?

Finding the balance seems to be the key here. REST is necessary... REST can take many forms... and REST means recovery.

Last, but not least, on some of your REST days... just REST.

Yesterday, apart from my squats, done whilst cleaning my teeth, first thing, I spent a long time just sitting in the garden, in the shade, listening to the birds, watching the insects and breathing gently. I know that I benefited from that.

I know that I felt better for it, today...

So... when it is your REST day, find the comfiest place for you.... plump up the cushions... get a good book... play a game on your phone.... meditate, take a nap, anything that means that you just chill and relax for a while. There is nothing wrong with just sitting. There is nothing wrong with RESTING.

So, here you are, resting. Shoes off, sitting back and resting.. I'll pour us a cold drink and while I'm doing that, you tell us how it is all going for you, we can't wait to hear !


Oldfloss x

24 Replies
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Well I graduated today and it feels great! Feeling a bit achey which is unusual for me and like you said your body tells you when it's had enough! So I won't be running again until Friday. I look after a toddler for my work so the next 2 days won't include much rest! I will be at my yoga class tomorrow evening which I love, it really, really relaxes me and I think all the stretching helps my body after running.I'm going away Friday so will get some r & r there.

Enjoying a nice cold drink now, it's so hot!! Cheers to you x

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Running_at50

Yeayayayayayya... Brilliant... WELL DONE YOU!Toddler.... uh oh,.,,, major workout! But, the joy, will help with the stress relief and the happy feelings:)

Yoga... the panacea to many of our stresses and strains... :)

Relax, and maybe a soak to ease the aches... just listen to your body as you are doing. It is your very best friend!

Cheers to you too... I am enjoying, (shhh) a chilled glass of Chablis ! OOps !

Dendev75 profile image

I love getting comfy and reading your Catch up corner posts 😊 I’m going to see how the weather is before I do any more runs this week, I got out early this morning but I could still feel the warm sun around 8am so I’ll have those rest days while it’s so warm out there. I’m hoping to do a park run on Saturday (a lot of the route is shaded under trees) 😊

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Dendev75

Hello... it is so cool here in the Corner... I am enjoying it and it is lovely to see you!

Yes, we need to take care and we don't have chance to acclimatise!

Good idea to plan some Rest and make some plans for when it all cools down again... as it surely will.

Park Run sounds just about perfect... enjoy!

M0use profile image

Glad to hear things are starting to improve for you and lovely to read your weekly ramble. I'm hoping to get out for one more run early tomorrow but after that it'll be a week of enforced rest, even the early morning temperatures are looking to hot for me. I'll be looking for somewhere cool and shady under the trees to walk the dog, nothing more strenuous than that for a few days 🧘‍♀️😌

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to M0use

Enjoy.. that sounds wonderful...I think I may join you...and when you walk although I have no dog, I can have an imaginary one! I shall attempt a little jogette..Somewhere cool and shady sounds wonderful... just relax and enjoy!

WillowandSola profile image

I’m taking your advice today Oldfloss, we took those little ones to a park, met friends with their grand little also, watched them play and sat in the sun, then came home put our feet up and relaxed, tomorrow is run and swim day but it’s very hot here so it might be sit and swim instead. Your talk of rest made me think how I work running round a busy job and sometimes push myself too far or moan at myself for not being faster so a heartfelt thank you for reminding us all the importance of rest.

Your sit in the garden listening to the birds sing sounds blissful

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to WillowandSola

Oh wow....very well done you.... sitting and relaxing and watching the small people... perfect!

You work so, so hard and yes, maybe you should ease back, take it a tad more gently and realise how awesome you are... and awesome folk need to recharge !

Just have a swim... the cooler days will come and the run will still be there !

It was, bliss ! xxx

Lola-bear profile image

I love that message I find it really hard sometimes to sit and do nothing and need to remind myself to just be.My day …..get up shower, feed the dog, out to work, back from work, shopping, Housework, run, cook, walk dog, fetch daughter from work, collapse into bed- goodness that sounds awful 😱So tomorrow I am going to take your advice and REST 😂 thank you for reminding me OF

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Lola-bear

I hope you are resting! If not... I shall be looking for you!It is not easy. We do things, some as routine, but some necessity and some, just because we love our family.

But. we do need to love ourselves.. and give ourselves permission to ease back and take a breather.

Enjoy today and stay cool... the runs will wait, as will the other things xxx

Sunshine1960 profile image

Thanks for this piece on REST. It’s very timely for me. I’m about to start week 5 and after birthday celebrations last night decided not to run today! I was feeling a bit guilty about it and slightly concerned I was breaking my routine. Having read your article I’m much more comfortable with my decision as I know I will run again on Friday as usual. Thank you.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Sunshine1960

Well done you and after a celebration what better than to ease back and sit a while ! Was it your birthday.. ?Routines are good, but not written in stone, thank goodness... just enjoy the warmth, rest up and be very sure, that the runs will be there, when you are ready for them!

coffee1066 profile image

Thanks for this I really enjoyed reading it and it’s made me really think about rest. You’re absolutely right and I find that once I get a grip of something I just want to get on and do it - so for me it’s great advice as I’m likely to overdo it. Have a great day 🤩

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to coffee1066

It is tricky and many of us know exactly what you mean...but with this heat, it may be easier just to ease back, keep it simple and enjoy sitting and planning some running routes, adventures and new ideas.Have a lovely, relaxed day!

Lablove profile image

I’m on the horns of the proverbial dilemma…. I am working through C25K for the second time, it’s going ok and I’m up to W8 run 1. The dilemma is that I’m going up the Amazon for 3 weeks at the end of August and really wanted to graduate before as I go. Very aware of rising temperatures, although not so scarily hot up here on the North East coast. I’ve set my alarm for an early start and have a couple of days ‘spare’ so a little wiggle room. Any advice would be welcome 🤗

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Lablove

Just slow and steady... the early start will help... I was out early and it was fine... just take the rest day in between and make sure you get some lovely stretches in...don't push, and with those wiggle days, maybe miss out any day that is set to be very, very warm... here it is Saturday!Great hydration all the time and maybe a small bottle of water, not too drink, but just to our over pulse spots on wrist and back of neck if need be... shady route if passible?

Sunscreen and cap!

This will set you up for the Amazon.... wow!!!! We shall need photos please... but no running around the rain forest ! xxx

Lablove profile image
LabloveGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks OF, always welcome your advice. I’ll post a pic or two but definitely no running. Average temp about 33 degrees 😬

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Lablove


RainbowSloth profile image

Brilliant read. Thank you.

I’ve ended up with my 1st day of a new week falling on a Friday because I’ve taken more than one days rest here and there. I’ve definately learnt how important it is to listen to my body and feel like I’m doing better for it.

It feels a bit funny and out of sync but it’s actually great going into a weekend knowing I’ve managed the first of the next jump up already. It means I know I can do it on Monday, reducing the Sunday night wobbles 😂

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to RainbowSloth

Just great... you have found the way that is your wat... listening and taking notice!Extra days are needed, and often we ignore the signs, but you haven't and are having, I hope a glorious weekend!

Well done you! x

LottieMW profile image

I’m basically repeating my reply to your “HOT🔥” post!

It’s a very restful weekend for me…the only exertion is watering the home greenhouse early morning, and watering the allotment at dusk! 🌞👩🏻‍🌾🌱🚿

Mr L and I are watching the European track cycling…and as its Saturday, following our footy teams on the radio!🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏼🚴🏻‍♂️⚽️

Rain forecast after the weekend! 🙌🏼☔️

…but typical extremes…we have a weather warning for thunderstorms and potential floods ⛈ ☔️🙄

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to LottieMW

Ahhhh... rest! Lovely!Watching other folk exercise sounds good to me!

I shall be using all the water from small runner in training's small paddling pool later.. to water my things... greenhouse and outside!

Yes... thunderstorms forecast here on Monday and Tuesday,... we are off to Wales I think... but not sure yet! If I do.. it will be more rest for me!

Enjoy this evening and tomorrow x

LottieMW profile image
LottieMWGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you 😊

North or South Wales?…I’m in South East Wales…currently about 32*C…same forecast for tomorrow 🥵

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to LottieMW

North..Criccieth xx

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