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CATCH-UP CORNER...WEEK 4... Time for the Three Rs... Relax... Reflect..Recharge..

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Hard to believe though it is, this is the last week of the January Catch -Up!

February Catch-Up Corner opens up next Tuesday! I am hoping we will all be there :) I am, relaxing and I am reflecting and recharging.

I am finishing this month on a positive note. Inspired by so, so many of you, and your running exploits on C25K, I have managed to keep on track with the Resolution I made at the beginning of the month. Doing what I was able to, and remaining, as ever, slow and steady. Hopefully I will complete Red January next Monday, and be ready to move into the next month, strong and with confidence.

I haven't got as many runs in this month, as I would have liked to; wind and weather and life generally, have affected the opportunities. But I have exercised, yoga-d and walked and worked out. And.... TODAY... I did have another GLORIOUS run in Derbyshire. Blue sky, sunshine and a much milder temperature. It was super...

BUT... that has not been the best bit of this month... the best bit has been that I reached 5K again for the first time since last September. Mental and physical issues since October 2020 have taken a toll and building back has been so slow... but I got there...Not with speed, and not a huge amount of style...but with a steady plod at MY happy pace and I did it. I was as thrilled on Sunday, as when I first graduated on a cold wet winter evening in 2015...:)

This is not said in a boasting is intended just to let you know that wherever you are on this programme new runners, repeaters or old graduate can do this. You can reach your goals.

It may be difficult. You have family commitments, you have work, you have illness and injury and you have this constant, ongoing worry, that every single one of us, is trying to learn to live with.

But you can do this. In your own way, in your own time and knowing that you have the support of every single person on the forum.

You show, through your posts and replies your strength, determination and motivation. You support each other in so many ways. Your strengths transfer to others and they in turn pass that strength on .

I have a favourite quotation.

"One of the beautiful things about running is that it is direct and elegant. The formula is simple: put one foot in front of the other."

We all know, that in reality it is not as simple as that...but if we hold that thought when we are able to run....then maybe we will run with lighter steps and an even lighter heart.

Enough of my ramblings.... What a month we have had, and what an absolute joy to share it with each other too. Thank you !

Well done all of you...Safe happy running through the next few days, and let us know how it goes, please!!!



For those on the Injury Couch, there are some really comfy cushions here too:) xx

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What a lovely inspirational post 👍🤗And congratulations on regaining your 5k 🎇🍾🏅

I love these forums because by reading other people's running ups and downs it makes me know there's always a way back if it doesn't go quite the way you hoped or expected. And there'll be plenty of people to encourage, cheer, advise and congratulate you along the way.

I would never have kept going without them and all my lovely VRBs 🤗🤗

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to dijep

Thank you!You are so right... what would we do without our virtual running friends? Reading other folks' replies as you say, really does help.

In these uncertain times, things can happen that change our plans and upend us and it would be all too easy to give up; but our friends here won't let that happen.

Well done you, on all your running activities and thank you for popping in here to share your time with us xx

Hello Floss and everyone else catching up, I’m back to work tomorrow and working out when and where i can run. Today we went for first pool swim for a couple of years and had such a lovely time, outdoor really warm pool, jets and bubbles, an hour of lazily swimming around followed by a delicious lunch on way home, nearly 17yr old grand joined up and a good time was had by all. Run happy or heal well everyone here and especially Oldfloss at getting back to 5k that’s awesome 👏

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to WillowandSola

Your day sounds blissful. Wonderful, gentle exercise , missed for two years and a leisurely day to boot!You work so hard that I feel you totally deserve that kind of day, especially as your running activities are so impressive!

I love the, 'run happy'. because surely, that for many, many of us is absolutely what it is all about:)

For me, reaching that small milestone of 5K again... that made me very, very happy. Thank you!

Beautiful, encouraging post OF, if ever you start a new career make sure it incorporates motivational writing. You are brilliant at it. Wonderful you got to 5k again. That is some big commitment.. I hope I never have to start again but if I do, I hope I have a fraction of your dedication to help me through.

Red January has been good on the physical activities front for me,tennis, swimming, running and treadmill have all happened very regularly. Joining the local gym has given me a huge boost. I hate the grey,damp, cold days and struggle to keep warm or motivated. The gym changed that. And even better is that I've discovered that I can read a book whilst walking Up Hill! It make the session effortless! Less good was the dry January... On 5 occasions I succumbed to the joys of a glass of the red stuff... Oh well, 21 days of not having a glass is pretty good too. Happy running all.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Mormor1

I thank you. It was a very satisfying result and although it has been a battle to come back from what, for me has been a tricky time ( not as dire as many folks though ), well worth it.

We never know how our running will evolve and that is probably why it continues to be so engaging! If we do have to repeat, there are real advantages as Oldgirlruns has pointed out in her reply.

Your Red January sounds terrific. If a tad exhausting! Phew!

What an eclectic mix you have experienced and well done you for finding the gym that has been so helpful in your exercise regime! You have done so much and I love the idea of reading a book whilst walking uphill!!!

I use my cross-trainer in icy weather and watch virtual runs !

Yes, loads of folk here on Dry January... I have not taken that challenge. I do enjoy a glass of wine with my dinner in the evening:)

Well done you on the 21 days and on all your activities this month! x

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Thank you for saying, "For those on the Injury Couch, there are some really comfy cushions here too" because although I am not on the injury couch, I might as well be with what I have to do here. However, I have kept up with my muscle exercises, such a little bit to do and such as they are. We did shovel snow last night but our drive is not done. I'd like to go out, but Hubby is on the couch and down for the count.... Thank you for the Catch-Up Corner, dear OF.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to LiisaM

Y0u are doing so well! Every thing we do to further our physical and mental enrichment counts, everything.Moving snow, even for a short time uses so many muscles and is beneficial, so we can count that :)

I shall keep a space here for you, so that when you have finished your drive clearing ( and you do have a long driveway), you are able to come and join us.

Stay safe and stay warm xx

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Congratulations on your 5K run Oldfloss 🥳👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻What a wonderful feeling that must have been to complete that distance again.

I’m so happy to have my little boy well again.

I had discomfort on yesterday’s run, which I think was caused by running on uneven and hard mud. So I soon had to abort my run and walk home. I was only near the start, I knew better than to push it!

Today I did some great stretching exercises and Yoga for my hips, hamstrings and calf muscles with a friend on Zoom. He’s in Sri Lanka for a few months so I got a lovely view of palm trees behind him🌴 .

He is also helping me strengthen said muscles to support my running.

I’m leaving the running for a few days and hope to try again at the weekend.

Planning to continue with the stretches daily to loosen those tight muscles.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Indielass00

Thank you. Yes. A very satisfying affirmation to me, that it is still there, and yes, I can come back, albeit gradually.I am so glad that your small one is well again. What a worry these precious small ones are?

Your run sounds to have been eventful...and as you say, very uncomfortable.

Strangely, the surface I ran on yesterday was not easy. It looked fine but I felt every little stone! I could not wear m trail shoes as I had forgotten to clean the caked mud off the sole, so was wearing my road shoes! Uneven hard mud can be very, very unpleasant and you were very right to cut the run short.

Well done on your after run exercise, too, that will have eased body and mind. The location of your friend sounds blissful, here in the winter weather!

Looking forward to your run report at the weekend and well done to you xxx

dreamrun profile image

Hi Floss,

Thank you for taking the time to write such a kind and thoughtful post. I always look forward to these! A huge well done on getting back to 5K how brilliant! 🏃‍♀️

I will be doing the last run of w6 tomorrow. Feeling apprehensive but at sure it will be fine. I still feel I have such a long way to go to get back to 5K. Have a good week everybody!

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to dreamrun

Just slow and steady, enjoy and relax into the run. That is the advice I give to myself!

These longer runs are so perfect for relaxing onto and let the running legs, settle and just do what they do best :)I shall look forward to your run report and I know you will succeed.

I was thrilled with that 5K, although looking forward, the idea of heading for 10K now, does seem a tad daunting. I shall take it in small steps:)

You are doing wonderfully and having your, looking forward, attitude is standing you in very good stead for future runs.

Very well done you x

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dreamrunGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you lovely Floss, I thought about your words and faith in me as I ran the loop and you were right! I managed 4km.

I look forward to hearing about your transition to 10K! I’m sure you’ll be upon it before you know it! All the best x

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grumpyoldgirlGraduate in reply to dreamrun

Love this, the Floss Effect in action! 🥰

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to dreamrun

That is fantastic. Very well done are able to move forward now with confidence! Xx

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RED January continues for me too. I am actually running every day. The scheme doesn't require it.

(Usual disclaimer: I've been running regularly for 18 months now. New runners shouldn't run on consecutive days until they've run regularly for at least six months.)

Fitting in the runs has required me to go out in less than ideal conditions and at less than ideal times of day.

I've now passed the 100 mile mark in actual distance run this month. That doesn't counting the warm up/cool down walks. If I count them too I'm at 193km. There's also the slight possibility I may even get the Strava Run Climbing challenge badge for the first time this month (2000m of climbing).

I even fitted in a long run of 10 miles this weekend!

There's been one casualty. The heart rate monitor chest strap shrank in the wash, and I had to get some replacements.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to nowster

You have done and are doing amazingly and coped much better with the weather than I. Red January, weather wise, certainly, has been so testing hasn't it?

100 miles... wow. That is very indeed, very impressive.

If the only casualty is the heat monitor chest strap, that is a double win!

Well done you...5 days to go! x

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I so love reading your posts OF, you are an inspiration to many of us and so real in what you say. Running is sometimes hard, sometimes beautiful, sometimes graceful and sometimes flipping awful 😂 but I along with many of us love it and am always in awe at what we all achieve and share on this forum. I have no friends or family who share my love of running but on here I feel I have so many like minded friends to share with so thank you to you all. I ignored my plantar facilitis on Monday and on my 4th run post Covid I did 4.34 K Congratulations on your 5K I am on your heels 😂😂

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Lola-bear

I shall be looking around and waiting for you to catch up with me so we can chat :)

Your run sounds great and I am so glad that you are recovered from this pesky Covid!You are completely right. Some runs...just wonderful, but some, can be very tricky, especially after illness or in really testing weather.

I am delighted that we are here and that we are able to share your running with you. I feel privileged to be part of it. The support we get from others is incredible.

Huge well done to you. I shall watch for that 5K report! x

Oldgirlruns profile image

Crumbs, Oldfloss, how did we get to the end of January! I’m so glad to report I’m back on it at the dizzy heights of week 2! Coming back to it has some advantages doesn’t it? Instead of thinking about breathing or wondering just how long it was before the 60 seconds were up, I found I could just concentrate on running - in my case this means posture and looking where I’m going instead of looking at the floor in front of me! Who knows, I may turn into a runner yet! I hope you manage to squeeze in a few more runs in February and then it’ll be almost Spring!

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Oldgirlruns

I am constantly amazed how fast time is passing. The last two years have defied logic, for me, certainly, and simply whizzed by.I am glad that you make that point of second time around. It is so different isn't it and really beneficial as you say.

You are right... you can concentrate on the finer points ( if we need a word) of the run:) I do the same as you and am focusing very much on posture... I am getting a tad round shouldered!

Looking around can only be good. I am spending even more time looking around, and that is why this repeating is so helpful:)

Huge well done you... see you in February :) x

Mum22boys profile image

Huge well done on getting back to 5k 👏 and before we know it spring will be here and hopefully less weather related issues stopping running! I went back out this morning after dropping smallest one at nursery. Means something else doesn't get done but really feel like I need to get back in to the habit of running. Next run planned for early sunday morning 🤞

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Mum22boys

Thank you and HUGE well done on getting out there:) As my Nan used to say.. an inch of dust wipes off in the same time as a 1/4 of an inch !

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Mum22boysGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

I like it 😁

Birdlady64 profile image

Another wonderfully inspiring post Oldfloss.

Congratulations on your 5k 👏 I'm still a fair way off that myself - but hopefully it won't be too long now.

I had a bit of an emotional wobble with c25k week5 run 3, but got it done on Sunday, a day later than planned. I'm in a better place now in my head. My next run will be week 6 run 3 - so just continuous running (albeit slowly) now for the rest of the plan.

I struggle to find the time since I've been working at home, but promised myself I would read more. My most recent purchase is a copy "Let Your Mind Run: A Memoir of Thinking My Way to Victory" by Deena Kastor. Hopefully some of the positive thinking will rub off.

I'm enjoying my swims, but they somewhat of a wasted lunchbreak when the sun is shining - I'd much rather be outside.

Oh and I'm still managing to lying on the floor several times a week, pretending to be a dying insect. I'm not sure if my "core" is thankful for it or not. Let's see what the physio says when I see him next.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Birdlady64

You will definitely get there... just taking it gently:)Getting through that last run of Week 5 has set you up nicely for the lovely, relaxed runs that follow now.

As you say, just gentle continuous runs and letting the running legs do their own thing:)

Swimming too, really wonderful exercise, and you can get those outdoor runs in too, well done on that.

I am reading a lot of positive stuff right now. I need to get onto a more positive state of mind with all the current hassle that seems to be happening in the country !

Your book sounds interesting, I am going to look that up. I am reading a great one.. husband got it for me; Think Like a Tree.... and it really is excellent, and not daft as the title may suggest!!

I have this wonderful image of you now, you know... dead beetle on the floor... oh my... please do NOT post a picture... I shall laugh too much.

Huge well done to you on all your hard work... carry on and enjoy! xx

Birdlady64 profile image

I'd never post a picture. I'd be way too embarrassed for that! 😳I think it's easy to get a bit down about the current state of affairs, but it is fruitless to stress about things beyond our control.

Sending positive vibes your way 🤗

Thanks for all the gentle and caring encouragement, I've made it to the end of week 8 but finding it quite hard going so I might repeat a run or stretch week 9 out a bit. Im pretty happy with my steady pace, though its definitely slow I'm nowhere near 5k even if I included the warm up and down walks in my distance. But I'm still taking buggy and toddler for 2 out of 3 runs a week and it makes for a double workout! If only there were smooth surfaces it would be so easy, but our pavements and paths are fantastically ruckety! I comfort myself with the thought that I'm fitter for it, and look forward to the freedom of a weekend run unencumbered.Super happy that the toothache hasn't recurred and boys have all been healthy enough to be in school every day. I even started a bit of painting today - Stanley knifing patches of peeled wallpaper and painting the gaps, it's not perfect or professional but it is very therapeutic :)

Husband is in week 5 but spends a lot of time making excuses before finally going out, and then doesn't always stretch after. I guess he will learn as he hits the long runs!

Jackapoodle profile image
JackapoodleGraduate in reply to Gottostartsomewhere

Blimey you are doing fantastically well, getting out there and running with a buggy must be super hard! But lovely that your little ones get to come along 😊 you're definitely getting a full work out so I wouldn't worry about time!! The only time I got any speed up was about 2 weeks ago when I remembered that I'd put a creme egg in the fridge the night before 🙈😂😂😂

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Gottostartsomewhere

Just take it at your own pace and rest when need be. Slow is perfect... it gets us where we want to be and with small one in buggy, you are working twice as hard anyway!

You are getting daily workouts...every single day.... and add on all the other housework? Gosh, you do need a freedom run at the weekend!

Husband may learn the hard way... stretches particularly post run are so important to keep those legs healthy.

It is easy, even doing everything by the book, to get a few issues, so all we can do to prevent them is worthwhile!

Huge well done to you and I am glad the toothache has eased too! x

Jackapoodle profile image

I can't decide if I'm pleased we're getting into February and spring is edging closer or horrified that another month has just flown by 😱Well done on your 5K 👏👏 bet that felt so amazing 😊

I've been dabbling with the magic plan and suffice to say that a mixture of life events and trepidation stopped me starting properly. So I decided to stop chuffing about and get on with it. And it sounds a bit silly really but I've been clinging onto the lovely Denise like mad and I think that's been part of the problem. I feel so comfy and so safe with the C25K programme, and I think if I need to try and progress, I maybe need to move away from it. I cannot tell you how difficult a decision that was!! Ridiculous. But I've been running week 9 for weeks and weeks now like it's Groundhog Day lol.

So... ran for week 1 run 1 for 15 mins with Coach Bennett. Oh my. 😳 We'll see how I cope with 30 mins with him on Sunday 😂 😂

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Jackapoodle

Exactly... time seems to be just speeding by. Spring is indeed coming through, those first brave spears of the snowdrop forerunners are appearing everywhere.

I feel that you have made the correct decision. Your body, ( and your mind), is clearly telling you it is time to move forward, ( a bit like this new year)! You are ready to progress and if you do so with the positive outlook that you have now, you are going to be fine.

Just take it slowly and steadily and do not push too hard. Just as you did with C25K, the plan will take you forward in a safe structured way and it is fun!

I too, an about to leap into Magic Plan , for the umpteenth time. It is so good! I have used it after injury many times and each time I enjoy it just as much.

So, you are already taking this step and from next week, I will be right behind you:) Remember, you heard that news here first!

Huge well done to you ! xxxx

Jackapoodle profile image
JackapoodleGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you so much, I am looking forward to it, and do feel more positive about it now. Can I ask, did you do the runs in the order they're set out? I'm thinking of doing the shorter one in the middle after I finish week 1 so I have a recovery run in-between the longer ones. But I can also see the sense in a recovery run after 2 longer ones. I'm easily confused as you can see 😂 xx

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Jackapoodle

I did do them in order... and just took it all very gently:)

Jackapoodle profile image
JackapoodleGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you xx

Well done on the 5k! This week has been much better for me now I'm almost over my cold/flu whatever it was. On Tuesday I started with my c25k group a week late, so straight in at week 2 but that was fine, a lot of fun if a trifle muddy. Went for a walk with Mr Grumpy yesterday - cold but lovely views across the reservoir. Did my second run today - and managed to time it for the only downpour of the day, luckily it was only for a few minutes and I was wearing my jacket (had to put my glasses in the pocket because I couldn't see a thing). Felt virtuous for the rest of the day 😇

Pilates tomorrow ☺️

Meanwhile I am doing all my physio to keep the twinges at bay - they are starting to improve now, but it's surprising how quickly the twinges returned when I didn't manage the exercises.

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to grumpyoldgirl

Thank you ! I was glad to tuck it away.

I am glad you are over your nasty cold and getting back to some kind of running normality. Mud can be such fun...or not!

I have this wonderful image in my head of you, walking along, in torrential rain, minus glasses and a very grumpy faced companion!

So good that you got your run in first, always very pleasing; and your physio exercises are clearly helping you.

Very well done and do enjoy your Pilates today! x

grumpyoldgirl profile image
grumpyoldgirlGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

🤣🤣 that's quite an image! Although I'm pleased to report that, in this instance, neither of us were grumpy. Well, although there was a lot of sighing while I was trying to locate my thick socks, gloves, packet of tissues to take with me....

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