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CATCH-UP CORNER...WEEK 3 3/4... Come on in and share the warmth ...

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Well... What time of the week is this to come into the Corner! I really do apologise!

What a week... Small runner in training Monday... mad whizzing around with Winterval prep' Tuesday...then Small one's parents got called for their boosters, four days early on Wednesday.. so, small one here again .. THEN an attempted scam on Mr Of's computer, yesterday... merry go around time!


I did get a short run in on Sunday! Yes I did.. short and sweet, with no need for speed or distance :)

I did it and I felt so good. No pushing at all, just soaking everything up... smells sights and sounds; which got me thinking!

Uh oh! I can hear you saying, but worry not this is fun:)

When I started running I realised it was all about more than running. Running was the best bit, of course, feeling fitter, happier and healthier, but also, the running gave me chance to revive my love of language and writing.

Over the years, it had taken a back seat, life, work, family growing, etc. But when I began running, I began writing and logged and wrote about nearly every run I did and have done.

So, absorbing everything around me, has become a habit. I spend such a lot of time looking around and jotting the ideas down in my mind as I go, that it is no wonder I am so slow:) How many other folk stop and run on the spot, in the middle of a HM because they are looking at the view?

Many of us starting C25K have our own techniques for running, sometimes to get us through the trickier bits... some give names to folk they meet... funny ones. ( not out loud obviously), some listen to podcasts, or music, some give names to trees and bushes and things. I know that for a fact that there is a bush, in a park near Leeds that is called Oldfloss, ( is that right, ( Mummycav )?

Some write lists, plan meals in their heads... or like me, they make up other words to well known songs. I have loads of ABBA tunes with odd words:)

I have written loads of song posts and Winterval is an incredible time to make up words to Christmas songs as you run along :)

AlMorr pipped me at the post with his post on alternative Christmas running songs:) His suggestions are great.. I came up with, Garmin's Ping. Are you listenin'? To the tune of Winter Wonderland

So this week ( sorry, the last few days ), I am setting a challenge.

Besides wanting to know what you incredible runners have been up to this week, I wonder if anyone can give us some alternative Christmas running song titles, and could we, maybe, get a few written for us here:)

And , to get you in the mood.. here, ( as they used to say on a well-known children's programme), is one I wrote earlier:)

To the tune of...When Santa got stuck up the Chimney...


When our runners head out in the winter, they head out wet or dry.

In wind and rain...its always the same,

You'll never hear them cry,

It's much too cold,

I'm feeling so old,

I'm thinking that I've got the flu.

When our runners head out in the winter..

It's something they just do.


When our runners head out in the winter, it might be damp or dark

In sleet and snow, just see them go,

In town, or fields or Park.

There might be hail,

There might be a gale,

A storm might be blowing through,

When our runners head out in the winter

It's something they just do.


When our runners head out in the winter, they dress up to be seen,

In high viz' gear, it's really clear,

They're focused and they're keen

Their goal is to run,

It's so much fun,

Who cares if the sky ain't blue?

When our runners head out in the winter,

It's something they just do!


Yes... it really is an ear worm! Sorry!!!

Please, ( when you get time...ha ha), do let us all know how you are doing? Whether you are getting the runs in, walking or exercising as and when you are able.

And... please let us share what we all run to, or with and if anyone has any wonderful ideas for some Christmas related running song ideas.. :)

These are very, very tricky times for us all. We and the world are at the mercy of this new Covid variant. We need to take care of ourselves and those we love. So when you are out there running and singing this song as you go, please, stay safe .

Oldfloss x


I just remembered, at this end of another lovely, but longish, unexpected day, with small runner in training, that SIX years ago to the date today... I Graduated from C25K.... it was a wet winter night, yet alive with the lights and sights as I ran through the darkness. I bless the day .. Doesn't time fly :)

What an adventure:)


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Just perfect, yes worrying times but an Oldfloss post to make us smile as we get up and go to work. I shared my gloomy run in a post Wednesday and not sure if I’ll get another one in before next day off Tuesday. I live in hope though so leggings are worn to work every day to be hidden under scrubs and put on show to come home at the end of the day. I think I’ve almost forgotten how to wear normal clothes. A question, how do you make peoples names blue?

I have no song this morning because I’m singing yours in my head 😀

At the beginning of this pandemic singing in groups was banned so our place of work became quieter and then one day it was someone’s birthday! we all grinned said a rude word to that and sang while they opened their presents, after that we forgot that rule and it’s done us no harm.

Have a great day all and sing your hearts out.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to WillowandSola

Morning.. hope work goes okay :) You have a hard few days ahead xxIf you want to make someone's name blue... you type @ and the start of their name an it will appear in a box below your post.. you click and hey presto!



Sing away my friend, and stay safe... xxx

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WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Aren’t you clever? thank you Oldfloss 😀 xx

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to WillowandSola

Welcome :)

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Dexy5Graduate in reply to WillowandSola

Also WillowandSola , when you tag someone like this in a post , they will get an alert to say you’ve mentioned them , which can be really handy.

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WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Dexy5

Yes it’s great isn’t it?

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Haha, love the alternative christmas songs!Too busy to run much and a real hip niggle, so maybe a few short stints will have to do for now! Take care.

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Roxdog Ouch... niggling anything is a pain! Do what you can and stay safe :)x

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How delightful your song conversions have been Oldfloss, and this is no exception . My poetry can never match yours, but here is one to start the ball rolling to the tune of The First Noel 🎵 🎶

The first parkrun

the runners did say

was the wonderful ending

of C25k

Many of us started parkrun as our graduation run or first post graduation run and it has become a major part of our running lives. I couldn’t have done it without C25k

Life takes over at this time of year and my runs get shorter and have reduced to 2 a week, but that keeps the wheels oiled for when we get some more time.

Have a Merry Christmas everybody, stay safe and keep running, you will never regret it.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Dexy5

I love that.. there is a song there definitely.. ! We never know what we have started when we begin this do we? It has been a life changer for so, so many of us. Stay safe and stay running.. wherever and whenever you are able :)

Who needs Candy Floss when the Forum has Fabulous Floss.Inspiring , brilliant , generous and caring .Your posts are such a tonic. Always uplifting for me Floss, thank you.All good wishes to you and yours.


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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Tbae

Thank you my friend.. such dreadful times, we need to find a smile here and there:)

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What an uplifting post in these dark and uncertain times. Running is definitely helping my mental health and helps me maintain a positive outlook, even if the xmas season will be a little quieter than expected. My last run I listened to a happy place podcast with Christmas music playing at the same time, not sure I did either justice!! I often count to get to the end of a run, thought that was a bit weird until I read that Paula Radcliffe does it too, so I keep counting. Happy Christmas all and happy running 🏃‍♂️. I will raise a glass to all the wonderful people on here who keep me motivated. 🍷

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to PJRunner

Counting is great and I still do it on some runs ( Laura on C25K got me into the habit)! Huge well done to you and stay running and stay smiling too :)

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LabloveGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

What kind of counting? 12345, or counting between lampposts?

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Lablove

I just repeated, and still do, towards the end of a long run.. .1234...that and ABBA!

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I've just heard of the loss of two separate acquaintenances/friends/relatives in the past week; I just can't sing, but I'm doing my muscle exercises and enjoying the five minutes I have of early morning sun while walking our dog. (His walking speed is about .0005 mph since he is old.) I want to get some twinkle lights up on my 8-ft tall non-bearing tangerine tree before Christmas hits. I've finally found this non-bearing tree is good for something. Good running all--I run with you in my thoughts.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to LiisaM

Well done you... so hard to keep positive in these dark days, but you are doing it:) I bet that tree looks glorious. Lights of hope in a dark world :)

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Fabulous read x

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to doggytail

Hang in there and stay warm, stay running and stay safe xx

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I love your writing you are so clever, I on the other hand am not very musical but I often run looking up- not fallen over as yet- I love the sky and in these dark daysI always smile when I see a glimpse of blue behind the darkness of the clouds. It reminds me that like life the beautiful blue sky is a constant behind the greyness of the clouds, they may mist it out but it is always there if we look for it.Happy running and merry Christmas 🤶 🎅 🎄

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Lola-bear

How wonderful. Head high and looking above. I think I would most certainly fall over! You wonderful approach to your running and these dreadfully dark times is an excellent one. Looking for the sunshine behind the clouds. Stay running and stay looking upwards... thank you x

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That really is an ear worm…. After having a period of not running ( decorating our grandsons bedroom, because he’s a big boy now and needs a bed!!)! I managed a run this week. Revisiting C25k as a crutch to get me going again and have gone right back to week 4 😟, I did enjoy it though. I don’t run (use the term loosely) to Christmas music, I listen to audio books, which I love, currently working through the Poldark series. Anyway, I’m glad I’ve managed to get my trainers back on and out on the road. Have a great holiday all and enjoy the runs.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Lablove

Plenty of exercise in the decorating and the furniture moving involved!Great that you are doing this and getting out there too. I keep meaning to try to listen to audio books etc instead of either my favourite music or with nothing:)

Huge well done to you!

I am singing my Deck the Halls version of a running carol right now.. cannot get it out of my head:)

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Good evening!

I've had a couple of extra rest days on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday was due to baking a lot of bread for the buffet a Christmas party for the amdram society. I did far too much (1.5kg of very strong white flour and 1kg of "Einkorn" flour) which meant there were three large loaves left over. Two of them I sliced and are currently in the freezer. The dough needed regular supervision to make sure it didn't escape the bowls. And I was also working from home at the same time. That evening the bread was well appreciated. They'd set up a karaoke, and I thought I'd got away with not singing but got my arm twisted and closed off the evening with White Christmas (which went on for one two many verses).

On Friday I'd kitted up for a short lunchtime run when I got a ping noise on the work laptop. I'm working on a project for a US based firm. Something had gone very wrong. So wrong that they were getting people out of bed states-side. By the time we'd collectively found and corrected the minuscule change that had caused the problem, it was too late to do any running. Ancient computer code relying on long-forgotten behaviour of an ancient programming language. Sigh!

I did get out for an hour's walk on Friday evening, reaching the chippy just at the right time at the end of it.

And then there was a very chilly parkrun this morning.

I put some of my suggestions for Christmas running songs in AlMorr's post:

Torches, Torches, Run with Torches, All the way to Bethlehem...

The 12Ks of Christmas

O Hole-y Tights

Good Rest Day Merry Gentle Run

All I Want For Christmas is Shoes

Tomorrow Shall Be My Running Day (Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day)

Rudolph the Red Nosed Run Deer

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to nowster

These are fabulous and Torches... a lovely, lovely carol! AlMorr will love them!!You have had a really busy time sorting stuff and that bread making.. plenty of kneading work there... great arm workout !

A walk and a park run, you are doing so well and SO much better than I !

Huge well done you xx

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So OF. This is by no means as good as yours.However this is my version of In the Bleak midwinter: I only penned it a few minutes ago.Here goes!

In the bleak midwinter all a runner needs

Is their hat ,their gloves their leggings.

And a lovely pair of shoes.

In the bleak midwinter you’ll hear the sound of joy.

As they run through the streets and lanes.

With the latest garmin toy !

Merry Xmas all and keep safe🎄🥳🤶🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Folkylass

This is great! One of my favourite carols too! I hope you sing it in your head as you run along!Wonderful x

Folkylass profile image

Thanks OF ! I shall . It’s my favourite carol …..I love it!😂😂xx

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Ah well done on getting out there! I’m sorry my replies seem to be getting later and later, but I do like to get all cosy before settling down to write, and what with work etc it’s hard to find the time.

I had a really nice 9k run this morning in the cold and the mist, but it was lovely. The absolute highlight of my run was seeing a little boy just in awe as I ran past him - all because I had lights on! Oh you should have seen him, his little face was just incredulous that you can get clothes with lights on, it really lifted me up. It’s funny, I wasn’t going to wear the lights but then I think what would HU advise - lights! It really was misty murky out there today.

This has been a rough week as one of my dear friends has been told she’s very poorly, so running has been a bit of a chore to be honest. I’ve managed a few 5ks, one of which was utter pants I have to say! But we get the runs we get, don’t we, sometimes I feel it’s a bit like a lucky dip, some are good, some are dreadful.

I’m very impressed with your run logging - I do write down the stats after each run ever since I graduated and it’s really interesting to see where I’ve come from and hopefully where I’m going. But writing about it is much more mindful I’m sure, and a great idea.

Six years is phenomenal OF! I imagine you had no idea where your journey would take you, but look where you are! I for one am very pleased. I’m sharing a random picture of a llama tree decoration because it makes me smile, although it has absolutely nothing to do with running. Although the bright colours do give me some winter running outfit ideas. All the best! 😊🎄🌟

Running llama 🦙.
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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Frenc

9K... wow... I cannot remember what that feels like ! Well done you!I would love to have see the small one's face, he obviously could not believe his eyes!

I am so sorry about your friend... I do hope things become easier and I am glad that even carrying a heavier burden, you did get out and you did run and it will have helped you tooxx

Yes, 6 years and I only intended ever doing just 5K... ha ha!!! It has been super and the best bit... the friends on here... xxx

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FrencGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

I agree about that best bit! 😊

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Sorry for my late reply. Been super busy but would struggle to tell you what I've been doing lol, it's just a blur. Turns out I'm running every 4th day at the mo, just the way it's worked out really. Turned to podcasts over music when I reached the continuous runs as I discovered I was secretly counting the songs down to work out the time I'd been running 😂 currently listening to Time Ghost with Ben Miller and Alexander Armstrong.

My mum is 91 on Thursday and wanted to see the sea so we set off in the fog on Saturday to Filey. Had a fab day and glad we went anyway as who knows what will happen with this flipping virus. Stuffed my face with fish and chips there with the promise to run on Sunday 😇🤣🤣 which I did, so thats ok?? x

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Jackapoodle

What a great day with your Mum... just perfect! Running every 4th Day, sounds bliss to me... I wish I was a organised:)I love Alexander Armstrong...sounds like your run choice is super:)

I think the Fish and Chips was well deserved:)x

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