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CATCH-UP CORNER...WEEK 4...Who? Where? When? Slip off your running shoes and come and join us :)

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Hello running friends...

NOW! I should warn you, before you read on that this really, really, is an Oldfloss Ramble!!

Well, I am hardly able to believe it, but it is the last week of November's Catch-up Corner. Yes, it really is.

This month has absolutely flown and I am absolutely delighted at the incredibly, super response we have had. So, so many people dropping in, now and then for a quick chat. Folk sharing their runs, their successes, the odd setback and the tips and ideas have flowed!

I am, as ever in complete awe of your achievements. Nothing stops you. Nothing. How you manage it I simply do not know. I struggle... ! I do; with extra care days, appointments here and there and life generally, and I am retired!

But, the most pleasing thing for me, that has shone through in all our chats, is the way you are all just running, enjoying and doing what you are able to do.

You are being kind to yourselves, accepting, that there are times when runs are impossible, or dates have to be changed, and know that those runs will wait.

The support that you are showing for each other too is amazing, no comparison, only positive helpful; support and encouragement.

I was, six years ago, very near completion of C25K and I have said many times how much the support of folk on the forums got me through and to where I am now:)

So.... for this last week, (besides letting us know how everything is going... what runs you have done, and how you are feeling generally), I wondered if we might cosy up on the couch here in the corner and share WHERE we run . Not actual named locations, but WHERE we run, mostly! Cities, towns, villages, here in the UK or further afield:)

My friends on here, know that I am so lucky because I have my beloved fields... they don't belong to me of course...but I run the tracks and trails over them. I love them... in all the seasons in all weather. I have run in more built up areas, of course, but my fields are my place:)

I have more photographs of my field runs than any other place...! Mostly of the BIG tree!

So... at the risk of boring you, I am going to share a post I wrote, during the year following those weeks of my Graduation in 2015; I have written so many, and I read them, usually in the dark winter days, when body and soul seek solace, by the fireside. I

Here goes!

" I took many friends with me this morning. You may not have realised this, but you were all there. My oldest friends, the stalwarts, who have supported me through this, my first year of running, those at home, and those special folk across the seas; (You all know who you are x); newer friends who I have watched start, continue, and then, wonderfully, overtake me on their running paths and the very newest of friends, one of whom, (a certain Irish charmer), very recently, and possibly unwittingly, gave me a gentle push, on my running journey.

A beautiful sunny morning… I was setting out a tad later…but just early enough to see the sun showing through wispy clouds.

A blue sky…and the merest hint of chill in the air; Autumn, like a ghost in the cooler shadows of the gardens, and the warm up walk, that eases the muscles and loosens the joints, a result of a ‘rest’ day of gardening, shrub moving, hedge trimming and replanting!

The gardens, as I pass, still decked with summer trappings; shades of red, yellow and pink begonia, heavy-belled fuchsia, the late-blooming, blousy floribunda roses and everywhere the myriad shades of green.... too many for any water-colour palette. Still the chill, as I walked, making it easy to quicken the pace as turning, I began a gentle run down the hill towards the station. Over and up, past Rookery wood, and the long-missed, disgruntled bickering of the rooks back in their nests. The trees, still thick but turning now, from green to yellowy gold, I could not see the birds, but I could hear them. Up and along the shingle track leading to the field... brambles, straggling through the cobweb covered hedges, hidden blossoms too, faded now as they come to the end of their season. A gossamer mist hanging over the distant fields and the blue/purple haze of the far,far distance...The grass is wet, and glistens away from me, shimmering in the early sunshine, like the first silvery frosts of winter....

Gentle running, easy breathing, slow and steady, and the thoughts running through my head almost keeping time with my feet. So much to think about, relaxing the shoulders, running tall, breathing evenly and all the time enjoying the process. Laura’s voice echoes in my head, taking me back to the start of it all.

A journey of a year… to the day; I started this adventure after a French holiday of drowsy days, culinary delights and long evenings scented with wild garlic and the sound of the cicadas in my ears. So much has happened over the year, and I have learned so much…about other places, other people, other lives, but mostly about me.

The field is firm beneath my feet, the first shoots of winter wheat in the big field, brave and green against the dark loamy earth. Some of you know these ways, as well as I; birdsong above me, a skein of geese, heading over towards the hidden pond, and a lone dog-walker across beyond the steam railway line. This morning I had set out, simply to run, gently, without pressure or intent, until I wanted to stop.

The time moved on, no music no Garmin, just my watch. Running without distraction, except for the distraction of the world all around, is incredibly satisfying. The sound of your feet, your breathing, your heart and the distant rattle of a small green train as it slows, with a gentle squeal on the brakes, for the station. Passengers on journeys of their own, through blurred landscapes, past hidden places and hidden lives , enclosed in a capsule of isolation, with ear-phones and i-pod, as they travel to work or to play. I was glad I was where I was.

The shades of autumn are showing now, the gentle slide from the green to the gold, a reverse of my post, on returning from France, this year, when gold gave way to green. Some of the hedgerows are already trimmed and thinned, the first fat hips and haws, gleaming in the warming air, as I run past the trees, and into the next village. Quiet still, the morning school run, not yet started, the stocks, ancient, gaunt and weathered under the huge tree, which, is still in leaf despite the season. Round and through, up the Haunted Hollow and along past the Sheep-wash until I turn for home.

The run is everything this morning, simply running. The time has gone so quickly, and I am on the homeward stretch too soon, squeezing through the big gate, that is too heavy for me to lift, and across and down past the copse of trees, to my field path.

Round the field edges and along that familiar path and back down the lane.

My head is full of so many things, not least, the new adventure which is about to begin as we, in a very short time, welcome a new addition to the family. With that thought comes, the inevitable passage of time and how precious that time is. Another thought of my forum friends as I head past the station and the first eager, and early, High school students, chattering and laughing as they make their boisterous way to education.

I said, earlier, I started this running adventure last year...a year to the day. C25K. It seemed like an impossible dream. I had no idea where the adventure would take me. And yet, here I am….counting my blessings, every single day; I can see, I can hear, I can feel, I can think, I can write, I can love and am loved; I have friends, even ones whose faces I do not see, and I can run, I am, a runner. My first Runniversary.

Thank you, each and every one of you, my friends for coming with me on my journey and especially my run today. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did…after all, it was my first 10K."

So, for this last week before the December Catch-Up Corner begins, ( and sorry... it is me and my Corner again ), we would love to know where you run, give us a quick or not so quick, idea of your running routes. It will be great to visualise each other running in all manner of different locations, and at what times too.

Well done each and every one of you and I, and all of us are really looking forward to your replies:)

Oldfloss x


Slow and steady got me to that first 10K... it takes you to the most amazing places!

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Thank you for this post. Really enjoyed reading your antics.

Unfortunately I’ve stalled a bit with the programme. I’ve had a rubbish cold and have jarred my knee so put things on hold for a bit.

Hoping to get back into it over the next few days if I can motivate myself back outside into the cold!

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to AmateurJogger

Thanks you.. and ouch! There are a LOT of colds whizzing around right now! Knees... well, they can be an absolute pain but we do K-need them! )Heal soon, and then layer up and head out... The cold days are challenging but gosh they are so stunning!

I Enjoy reading your beautifully written rambles Oldfloss....can really sense the enjoyment in that run. So wish I'd started years ago, the years do take a toll it can't be denied however much I try. Running is much easier in the cooler weather tho harder to get up as early as I'd like when it's still dark. Once out its beautiful and I always warm up and have to tie the jacket around me. Last dip after a 7 k run on Tuesday ended with me having to dive thro waves to avoid being bowled Did my head hurt with the pain of icy feeling water...that might have been my last post run swim for this year, in the north sea anyway. Now heading to Cornwall for early Christmas with 2 grandchildren. I love running on the beach there as low tide leaves miles of hard sand and it's so different to the east coast. Happy running 🏃

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Mormor1

How absolutely wonderful!Yes, I too wonder where I would be in my running if I too, had started earlier... but am glad I started when I did. Being older ca take a toll and that's why our rest day exercise help such a lot and the swimming you do, fabulous.

Your runs sound spectacular... and the East Coast has some beautiful locations. You are going to have a wonderful pre Christmas with your two grandchildren and the Cornish beach running sounds so much fun. ( Lots of calf exercise needed though , even after firm sand running) .

Have a super time and enjoy every moment x

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Dear OF and All, I am lucky. My pre-pandemic run would take me through a small town and along a road next to a winding river bordered by huge homes and back. My pandemic runs, now hopefully only temporarily abated, take me on my lawn around our house--around and around the house. Sometimes I zigzag on the lawn or make big figure 8's to help eliminate monotony. Moles make little lumpy spots all over our lawn. I'd rather run on a more level surface, but still I am lucky. On the edges of our lawn are woods. Sometimes I run part way down our driveway--only about .1 mile going and coming back. I noticed lately that over the past summer and up to now, I have worn a sort of trail in the lawn where the grass is now shorter and I can see where I have been running. There is no visible dirt--the grass is just a little shorter and bent down. Sometimes deer or families of turkeys veer off into the woods if I surprise them while running. A couple weeks ago we had a lot of rain and varied mushrooms popped up all over our lawn. There were some tall ones about 6-7 inches in height and some miniature bright red mushrooms, so beautiful I thought I might try to find out what kind they were. Before the pandemic, I had never noticed very many mushrooms around our house. Well, I am in one of the severe Delta breakout states in the U.S. and so my running has unfortunately been affected lately by COVID. I would like to feel free to run where I used to run, but COVID is too threatening just now.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to LiisaM

Thank you! What a lovely clear image we have in our heads now, of your beautiful location. I can see those little red mushrooms just sprouting up and the creatures, surprised and skittish as you run!It delights me, more than you know, my friend, to know that you have worn a little pathway, ( like all creatures do, on regular routes. You have been so determined in the face of incredible odds and you are out there running when and where you are able. Inspirational!

You have a beautiful location to run in and soon, we hope you will be able to lengthen that run, back into the little town and by the river... thank you so much for this.

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I run with my two dogs on the beach early morning. In the summer we try and fit in a quick swim and this time of year we get to see the sunrise. All before going to work. I'm lucky as my dogs come to work with me too. Love reading everyone's posts 😊

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Beach_runner

Oh my goodness, thank you! What a wonderful way to start the morning, with that view... I can smell the sea! You are truly lucky, to run and swim and have the company of your four legged chums... Have a super day !


Do you swim just in ordinary gear or wear a wet suit at this time ? I only ask because I am about to start swimming, later in the year again in the sea..!

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Beach_runnerGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Yes, I am very lucky. Although when the weather's bad you sometimes have to remind yourself of that - my house is only a few steps from the beach so if we get a really strong SE wind you need two hands to shut the front door!

I usually only swim from about March to October, sometimes November, and usually wear a bikini (although have been known to skinny dip if no-one around

😎). I've also done the Christmas swim in a swimsuit but that was along while ago. I don't like swimming in a wetsuit and I like to have a proper swim, (not sea loitering as I have heard it referred to 😆 ), so if it is too cold to enjoy it I don't go in - gives me something to look forward to in the spring. There are a few people near me who go in all year round. Lots of advice online regarding safety that is worth reading - main one I follow is not to warm up too quickly after because of blood pressure drop going suddenly from cold to hot. Let me know how you get on.

Hope you have a super day too


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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Beach_runner

Ha ha..! I skinny dip still, off a secret beach on the Llyn Peninsula! I posted quite a risque pikkie once on the Bridge forum.. me on a rock ( a long way from the camera, it was my injury couch after an injury :)

But as I am older and have lost a fair bit of weight now, I am a tad worried about getting too cold at this time of the year. I am wondering whether a good post swim cape will be enough. I am joining group at Cricceth in the New Year so when we go every other week I can get into the water! I do like swimming later the year as the sea often feels warmer than on a hot summer's day.

Oh my, lucky you! I would love to be that close to the sea, although I can see what you are saying about inclement weather!

I can just see you heading out ... wonderful! Thank you !

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nowsterGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Are we playing Geoguessr? 😆

The Rivals (Yr Eifl) in the distance. This must be the north coast. The spit of land for Porthdinllaen in the distance. My guess is somewhere around here, just north of Tudweiliog:

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to nowster

A bit too close to comfort... but not North :) x

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nowsterGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Actually, no that's not the place. We're at Porth y Cychod.

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LiisaMGraduate in reply to nowster

Wow! So beautiful! Lucky you!

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nowsterGraduate in reply to LiisaM

This was me guessing the location of the photo in Oldfloss's post referred to before.

However, I was in that area at the weekend (a bit to the SW of there) and ran a HM distance.

I know the area well, having visited regularly for over 30 years.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to nowster

Nope :)

A soul nourishing post lovely lady.Dealing with stuff,how long have you got.🙈😂

Hanging tough and at least I do my 5-6 x 100 m sprints on the road I live on.

Neighbours must think I have lost it.

Who cares because I bask in the comfort of this fabulous forum and also with fabulous Floss.


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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Tbae

Hello you!Ha ha, I have the wonderful image now of you running up and down and not minding a bit about those neighbours. You are a runner and you are amazing!

How are those sprints going? Are you finding they are feeling easier?

It can be so tough and I do know you have had one or two issues, and I hope Mrs Tbae is doing okay !

Hello Oldfloss, I hadn’t read your original post, I wasn’t here then, lovely to read today, we run round a track round a park, it’s half a kilometre long and then when we get bored joined in there’s the little river the lake the golf course that leads to the sea front. We also run along the river and sometimes over the south downs. My longest runs though have been round the streets where we live meandering and changing route as i go. I love your posts and feel as if i’m there running alongside you.

I. this photo you can see Brighton and the cliffs at Eastbourne

Happy running x

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to WillowandSola

I have hundreds of posts, nearly every run I have run is logged and on my computer! My book is I think nearly ready to send off! I know you have super locations and that you are really enjoying your runs right now with your friend! This is a beautiful photograph. My day is starting so well with this virtual travelling!

I think the eclectic mix of your runs is just great, no chance of getting staid or bored with all those options. I do run around the big aerodrome estate, especially on soggy muddy days, and I love doing it in Winter and checking out all the Christmas decorations.

The photograph is stunning, food for the soul and a feast for the eyes.

Thank you!

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WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

😀 and now i’m at work and my view entirely different

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to WillowandSola

I bet...have a good day!

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WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you, will be here until tomorrow afternoon and my feet have had enough 😂

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to WillowandSola

Oh my...sending a hug x

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WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

At least i can now go to bed soon then up at 6 to start again

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Morning everyone. I live in a village and my warm-up walk takes me to a lane where I can choose to turn right, towards the duck pond and into the village, or left, leaving the village along the lane with access to fields and bridleways. I invariably turn left and run along the lane, sometimes straight up it as far as the programme allows before the halfway bell but usually I veer off at some point down the farm lane and bridleways.Only a small section on tracks (in the photo).

I remember reading on this forum a long time ago when I was doing C25K for the first time, and it pops up time and again, is look up and smile, esp when it's feeling tough. Best advice I've ever had 😊 yesterday, during my W9 R2 outing (😱) I may have missed the little foal's head peering out at me through a hedge 😍

Short section along a track
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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Jackapoodle

Thank you! Did you hear me sigh as I read that description. It sounds idyllic, and even on wet or grey days, how beautiful. I bet it will be stunning when the first fingers of winter begin to touch those trees and hedges.I can't see the little foal's head, but I can image it :)

I simply want to be there running with sounds just wonderful!

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JackapoodleGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Took the dogs for a walk yesterday past the horse's field and saw the little cutie again x

Foal grazing
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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Jackapoodle

Just beautiful...thank you x

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Renidragas Instructor57 nowster quirkybee -David-G dijep Roxdog WillowandSola Oldgirlrun Elfe5 skysue16 Lola-bear Marvincat doggytail Shandy1

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RoxdogGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Hello! Hope everyone is ok! Had my booster yesterday and feel like I have mild flu, so no running for me! Maybe Sunday. Not going to push myself as am under the weather. After my best run for months last Friday, I haven't run again since, but determined to get out there very soon! Too much going on.Have a lovely sunny day

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Roxdog

You'll get there..well done! Best to recover gently. After I had mine, I felt just under par, and left 5 days until I ran.You will enjoy it so much more xx

Hi Floss, It’s the Get Fit in 6mins, please google and watch the 20 min video.It is a Canadian/ Australian medical and sports science collaboration presented by a beautiful blonde Australian GP. It is about mitochondria magic.

I am looking at getting under 20seconds for 5-6 x 100m which makes up my 2mins for my three sessions per week.A day in between and very thorough warm up and warm down and stretching.So a half hour session I suppose.I am at 24 seconds.But what matters that when doing it you run eye balls on stalks.😱😂

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Tbae

Oh, thank you for that information I am going to take a look now! Go you! x

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Tbae in reply to Oldfloss


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Ian5KGraduate in reply to Tbae

This sounds impressive.

I’ve only just been introducing and trying sprints myself, though I used to sprint at school - 200m and 4x100m relay (I’m 63 1/2 now so that was some while ago 😁)

I’m going to check out the video later. 🙂

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Tbae in reply to Ian5K

Good luck Ian.For me at 78 it is a reawakening of my twitch muscles/mitochondria.Use it or lose it.Hope you enjoy trying out the programme.Suffice to say avoid injury and no corner cutting.Also it is not something you do 52 weeks a year.? I have not continued with it more than 6 weeks at anyone time.But have played with it for the past two years.It refreshes me.We are all uniquely different.Just saying.


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Ian5KGraduate in reply to Tbae

Yes, I’m doing it as part of an instructed training plan, and the vast majority of runs are done easy. Probably only every fifth run is something harder than easy, though not being all the same type of run, and they’re a lot shorter in duration and distance.

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Tbae in reply to Ian5K


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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Ian5K

I was a sprinter in my youth!

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Sann20N BS44 Katprid Jackapoodle Jell6 MumparkLottieMW Ian5K Gottostartsomewhere Mum22boysDelly-dot Bluebirdrunner Greenthorn Week7 Mummycav

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Lablove Poppdog Mormor1 Frenc grumpyoldgirl l slipstick LiisaM Tbae AmateurJogger

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My runs usually straddle the suburban sprawl to the North East of Manchester, but mostly take in the green spaces around. Quite a varied experience. Usually I try to pick fairly level routes or ones with an overall descent to them.

At the weekend I was on the tarmac of the quiet back lanes of Pen Llŷn, near Aberdaron. Hilly and chilly (especially on the exposed bits near the coast).

This morning I plan to go out in the frost and do a more hilly run with my trail shoes on.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to nowster

Sounds fabulous! A hilly frosty run.

I always image you in Wales, strangely enough, probably because I know that area well, but not anywhere near Manchester.It sounds a real mix of runs and seeking out green space is always interesting and often really surprising.

A large estate nearby had the most stunning wildflower planting this last year and the trails through the wooded areas were incredible.

Well done you! Enjoy the run!


Flowers on the verges.
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This is beautiful!

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Hi there, I did my first run in 10 days after aggregating my sciatica running the HU10k. All my own fault for not listening to what my body was telling me. Anyway it'll get better with time.I run mainly on a mix of an old railway line that's now a bridal way, farm tracks and pavements. For some reason I always love a diversion through a housing estate, I like to check out everyone's garden and soon it'll be Xmas decorations to admire.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to dijep

Ouch and ouch! It all evolves and we do learn lessons en route!Your running locations sound super and a really good mix! Running through housing estates can be such fun... I have found that I am intrinsically a very nosey person... gardens and cars and yes... decorations.. all great!

Hope that sciatica settles down and well done you!

Christmas decorations down by the Railway station... last year!
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It’s always nice to see photos here. It seems to be a trend now to include an image taken on a run. I have my phone with me when I run so I can listen to some music but I never stop to take a photo - it’s a faff stopping and getting it out of the armband to be honest.

I posted a while ago about an idea to video a run, with commentary (of course, run at “conversational pace”, 🙂) I’m thinking of how to do that without buying special equipment but no ideas as yet…

One of my regular long runs takes me past this neolithic stone in a farmer’s field beside the road. This isn’t my photo btw, I borrowed it from the web.

It’s called the Hoar Stone. It marks a stone age burial site. When it was excavated, archaeologists discovered seven to eight human remains, which I think they carefully replaced, so they are still lying there peacefully under the stone as I jog by.

There is a running connection! It is one of many so-called “running stones” dotted all over England.

Local legend has it that if ever a nearby village church bell is tolled at midnight in earshot of the Stone, it uproots itself and runs all around the edge of the field until the ringing stops. I can’t say how fast it runs or how far. Maybe not 5k. 😁

Hoar Stone, a neolithic burial marker
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nowsterGraduate in reply to Ian5K

I did try to do a "run whilst recording video on phone" once. The results were not at all watchable, and it threw off my rhythm.

I don't know what the presenters on the Running Channel (YouTube) use. I suspect it's one of those 360° cameras, and they then crop and stabilise the image after the recording has completed.

I don't like to stop to snap a photo on a run, just in case I can't start again. Most of my photos are taken in the warm up/cool down walks.

Ian5K profile image
Ian5KGraduate in reply to nowster

I think they use a gopro camera but I’m no way an expert on cameras.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Ian5K

This is great and I am going to research those running stones and their locations! Your run location sounds really great and so interesting too! As for photos.. stop, run on the spot, to retrieve phone ( mine is in a belt), and then photograph as you run... why do you think some of my pikkies are blurred:)

Thank you !

Ian5K profile image
Ian5KGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

It’s fascinating to know they’ve been standing where they have for millennia. I suppose the mythology has protected them, folk being superstitious about their “power”.

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Thank you for your post, reading it makes me feel relaxed and more positive. Today was my first run since 1st Nov, I had a catastrophic tummy incident, not going into details, but it really knocked my confidence. However, I have missed my runs and was gradually extending my distance and had even completed a few Parkrun.

What got me out today was my husband suggesting that I ran a loop round our house so I could take a pit stop. Good idea, I also went back to C25K week 4 run 1 and with Sarah Millican’s help had an uneventful and fairly pleasant(very slow) run.

I think I’m going to work back through the programme and hopefully without further incidents I’ll be able to get back into my running zone.

Any suggestions on how to combat the ‘gippy ’ running tummy would be very welcome. Sadly not the first time it’s happened.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Lablove

Huge well done to you and I am so glad that you feel more sure of yourself now:) You are doing well, listening to your body and taking it gently.

Just working through the programme is so helpful and many, many of us, including me, have done it:) It gives us confidence and we have relaxed runs... because we know we can do it:)

Your tummy..hmmm.. a tricky one... and as long as you are happy that there is nothing that needs checking out, then there are some ideas out there:)

May be there may be some ideas here? Or maybe some of our friends here in the corner may have ideas too! x

Oh dear, I suspect I'm going to be the only treadmill runner here 🙄 I tried running outside once, after much badgering, and ended up pretty horribly injured - I've had multiple surgeries on my spine and it didn't take kindly to tarmac 😢

Still, I'm just happy to be back post-injury, post-Covid & super flu. I managed 4.42k in 46.21 earlier today! Now for some that's not a big deal, but 3 runs in after 5 weeks off, I'll take that all the way 🏃‍♀️💪🏃‍♀️

The 'mill it is for me, with my rock and roll /blues playlist I'm happy plodding along xxxx

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roseabiPartner in reply to Over60sRunner

Oldfloss has been known to use a treadmill 😊😊😊

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to roseabi

I have and I am about to relate that :)

roseabi profile image
roseabiPartner in reply to Oldfloss

Sorry, I'm such a busybody 😂😂😂

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to roseabi

Not at all...I had been furniture moving, so have been catching up on replies xxx,😉

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Over60sRunner

No you are not! As roseabi says I have a treadmill and I use it! I traded my old one on for a new one!

I use it in severe and inclement weather ( ice is a real run stopper for me), I use it after injury and I use it when life catches up with me, short on time, and I need to run. Husband uses it for walking ( he has a crocked knee). It has been so useful in so many ways:)

Some of our most awesome friends on here use the treadmill, as they have no choice. Where they live makes outdoor running impossible and often the weather demands that they run indoors:)

You are doing amazingly and I am in awe of your determination and your strength! Spinal surgery, Covid and Flu! How many of us would even think of running again?

You run... you are a proud of that... we are so proud of you!

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Over60sRunnerGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you Oldfloss - you don't know what that means to me 🙏

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Beautiful post Oldfloss . Description was so good I could visualise it! I run in a coastal town but have also run to a near by village. I have enjoyed running through fields and wood and by the glorious sea. I feel blessed with the variety of views and locations I can access where I live 🙏🏻.

Here is just one of my running/walking views

Sea and sunset
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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Indielass00

So beautiful! What a glorious set of running locations...You and many of us are so blessed, but, everywhere we run has its own magic doesn't it? The run is the thing... our own opace with our own views. How lucky we are x

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Indielass00Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

I agree everyone has a running location that is special and unique to them be it rural, city, town, etc. We are very lucky! x

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This is the woodland I walk/ran through about 12km into my 14km run this morning.

Woodland path
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OldflossAdministrator in reply to nowster

14 K... wow! Well done you ! Gorgeous!

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This is the "path down the side of the high school" from my short runs (taken before the vegetation had died back). It often has little piles of horse manure on it.

A tarmac path between two fences.
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OldflossAdministrator in reply to nowster

M*** for luck ? I have a little run path by the local Primary school too. not unlike that one! No horses though!

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This is the other end about 1km further on, as seen in the other direction, taken last week.

A leaf-strewn path with a metal fence on the right.
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Indielass00Graduate in reply to nowster

Lovely pics nowster ! I like that you also run by a canal. We have one 45 mis away and when I build up my running to half an hour again, it’s on my to run list! Every time we walk there we see a Kingfisher!

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What a wonderful post, thank you! I had such a lovely lunchtime run on Tuesday, a quick 5k. The gremlins made me stay in bed that morning, so this was the first midweek run I’ve done in the daylight in an age. It was a route I’m familiar with, along a gravelly track and past the tennis courts, up a gentle incline to get to the base of an old hill fort just outside of town. I carried on following the river Itchen, then retraced my steps back. While it’s a pretty route, what I noticed the most was the lovely, chilly, fresh air, it completely invigorated me, and I enjoyed every minute. Just lovely 😊. This photo isn’t where I ran, but it’s where I started my C25K - running round and round a churchyard nearby! It was really interesting reading the headstones during the walking breaks.

Running churchyard.
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That is a beautiful evocative photograph... I sometimes go through the tiny, village churchyard... I run very slowly and quietly, as I am sure that the silent sleepers don't mind me:) I can imagine you setting out on your 5K journey in that location too.

Your quick 5K sounds to have been a real bonus. Running early is not always possible!

Your route sounds wonderful, and it must be so interesting too. That clear air, nothing like it for setting you up for the days tasks... :)

Thank you x

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FrencGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

I’m sure the silent sleepers don’t mind us at all. Thank goodness for running Oldfloss, that’s all I can say 😊. All the best.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Frenc

You too, have a good day :)

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So I’m in a built up part of South Wales…but close to a river and canal.

Top left: a 2 mile circuit level around the river…I’m currently redoing C25k here…where I originally ran it. It’s fine until I hit the longer continuous runs towards the end. I then use the Park Run course which tacks on a loop down and around the Boating Lake.

Bottom Right: the canal…apart from the hump shown…another level route. Because it’s a ‘there and back’ route, it’s ideal for extending or shortening runs as wanted. I ran some of my consolidation runs here…tailored to the 30 minutes, as opposed to having to complete the 5k Park Run course with extra walking.

…and before you die of jealousy at my scenic routes…the other 2 photos are of my Lockdown routes, exercising from my front door.

Top right: a flattish 😬 main road ‘there and back’. I can just fit in 30 minute consolidation runs before the hills start.

Bottom left: a selection from my B210k route…mostly run during lockdown. There were some killer hills 😩

I usually do a 2 mile walk on my non run days…River Walk, canal, or a couple of circuits of the Boating Lake.

Different running routes.
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LottieMWGraduate in reply to LottieMW

The Boating Lake view…

The Boating Lake
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OldflossAdministrator in reply to LottieMW

What a super place to run and re-run and repeating Couch too! A really eclectic mix there and great for keeping running motivation going! When the pandemic hit hard, I just ran around the entire circuit and boundary of my garden, initially !Thank you for sharing with us xxx

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LottieMWGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

I haven’t go a big garden…so it was up and down the main road…

My runs mostly start at the school gate, just after I drop off the three boys. I have Jemima who is 17m in the buggy, and use the 5min brisk warm up walk to try and get clear of all the other parents ambling home!We are in a 1950s estate with quite a few good green spaces, they designed it keeping the old oaks that would have been hedgerow trees when it was fields, and left wide swathes of grass and mixed trees to break up the roads and houses.

With the buggy I'm discovering that the pavements vary a lot in smoothness, so I duck and weave up and down different roads and round bumpy bits. There's also a hill or two so I'm constantly calculating how to not be running when I get to the incline! Going in circles when needed is fine ;)

My best bits are the 'rec' and another long green space, which are long enough for my 5min and 3min running stretches respectively (just finished week 4). They have good paths and autumn colours, and dogs to keep Jemima entertained. If she's in a good mood she sings lovely wordless songs all the way, I'm running with my phone wedged on the buggy and no headphones or music, so it's nice to hear her.

One day when I don't have a buggy to think about I know there are routes to run round some lakes which were once a sand quarry, and up the back of the woods on a ridge to shut out the m25 which is referred to here as the bund. But those are for one day, for now ill enjoy the crazed zigzag of pavements and Jemima's singing x

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Gottostartsomewhere

This sounds wonderful! Jemima's singing is the best bit! :)

It reminds me of some of my routes too ( minus the buggy; I always did walks with our small granddaughter on them ). I sometimes abandoned the fields for a run round a huge estate on the Old Aerodrome.. with wooded areas and paths through and green swathes! Plus hills.. which I too, used to make sure I was on a walk at those points and not a run!

You are doing amazingly and obviously taking in all the sights and the sounds of the world around you, and planning for days when different routes open up too! But for now, carry on and enjoy!

Thank you for sharing !

Flower verge on The Old Aerodrome Estate
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I love your posts Oldfloss …they soothe my heart xxx

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Mummycav

You are so lovely, how is it all going? x

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MummycavModerator in reply to Oldfloss

Ditto…It’s going well, my business has gone from zero to 100 mph!!! (Shouldn’t say that as a driving instructor!!! 🤣🤣🤣) I absolutely love it, I love my pupils… think I’m a bit missed at home although I try not to let it impact my ‘Mum & wife time!!’ And I think my mojo is peeping at me round the corner so that makes me happy xxx

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Hey, a bit late to the party this week, sick smallest boy all week which culminated in a trip to a&e this afternoon but all is well. We are very lucky as we have a totally seperate children's a&e which is a 2 minute drive away and also not long waits. So no running or yoga for me this week, but lots of cuddles. My running route is around the pavements of the local town, and I know not for some but I actually quite enjoy it on the dark evenings. This time of year is great because you can nosy in the windows at Christmas decorations. When the nights get lighter I have the opportunity to get out in to the countryside but I feel like not being able to do it all year round means I appreciate it more come the spring and summer. When I was running up to the 10k distance I spent quite a lot of time running off the roads and gave me a real appetite for trail running... one day I want to "run" up and down some more hilly trail terrian.. I imagine the sense of freedom is incredibly liberating.

Thank you for providing a safe friendly space for my lack of running chat! Xx

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Mum22boys

I am so sorry that I missed this post ! Whatever must you think!

How is the small one... oh my goodness, how worrying. I am so glad that all is well though. How is he now?

We have had some worries with small runner in training, ( on the way now though), and I know how desperately helpless we feel when our children are ill xxx

Your running locations sound a real mix and I loved the built up areas, especially as Winter crept it.

The time for trail runs will come as sure as the Spring will follow winter and you will be out there again!

I think as time goes on, those boys will be tagging along too sometimes.

I have post a new Corner post today and I apologise again for missing this and I am so glad that the small one is alright xxx

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