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Week 8 begun!

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Sorry to keep posting a blow by blow account but I find it cathartic! Week 8 Run 1 last night and I threw a little up hill route in the mix. I was concerned that my distance is now increasing so tried to plan where I was going rather than the approximate flat route that has seen me through the last 7 weeks. Unfortunately this slightly longer route was going to have small bursts of up hill climbing due to the “undulating topography” (I read that once in the local paper) of the local area.

Although it was tough, with my legs screaming for mercy and my pace dropping to nearly nothing, I got to the finish line! And what a feeling when I did!

From week 1 to today has been a journey that i never thought I would complete. Just goes to show, with hard work, guidance and positive mental thoughts, we really can do anything. Keep going everyone.

I went from never having run and getting out of breath just standing up from the sofa, to 28 minutes constant running. And from “that must be 60 seconds by now?!?” To “only 8 minutes left!”

Ignore the monsters in your head. They are lying to you. 😊😊😊

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You sound as if you are doing just great and this is the place to report your progress as it will illustrate oh so clearly just how effective the C25K programme is. You are now an inspiration to those who have just started.

Hills are tough, but they are your friends and will develop your stamina quicker than running on the flat.

So close to graduation and another life transformed. Well done.

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DavidnotarunnerGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you Iannodatruffe. Your words and posts have been a huge help and inspiration to me. C25K really does work and moves the goal posts outwards every run. I’m looking forward to consolidating now and perhaps even getting to 5k in the next 4 weeks. Who knows. The running world is very much mine for the taking! I’ve even got a work colleague started too. She’s on week 4 now, as she was fed up of hearing me talking about it in the office. So she decided to join me! I’m going to keep adding the small hill climbs but not overdo it. First small step is the end of week 9. 👍🏻🏁👍🏻

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Well Done!

It’s great that you are documenting your progress on here! I found it such a help to read others journeys and having others to cheer me on!

I added a few hills into my runs and try to push myself a little each time!

It’s an amazing programme, I can’t stop telling everyone how great it is!

I, like you, NEVER ran before starting this programme- and I got out of breath running the bath!!!!😜

I graduated last August and I run 3 times a week and I love it.

Keep going, keep us all updated! You are so close to graduating! Well done again!

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DavidnotarunnerGraduate in reply to Julio-Monkey

Thank you so much. So many others on here have been an inspiration to me. I hope that I can now help them a little bit. I feel it’s a responsibility now to pass the info down to the next guys as the ones ahead of me did. Everyone of us can do this, I’m sure of it. We just need to hold each other’s hands and be there every step of the way. I love it. And I never ever thought I would! Well done with your journey too. I guess these lockdowns created some positives after all. 😊

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Great progress!And don't apologise for posting 😁

We want to hear how people are getting on ! However it may be going !

And well done on adding some hills 😁👍

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DavidnotarunnerGraduate in reply to Instructor57

Thank you! I’ll keep posting my struggles and triumphs!

Davidnotarunner - you may need to change your profile name - defo a runner now!

Haha. Didn’t think I’d complete it, so never though my I would have to!

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Love this, and definitely find it cathartic and motivating to post regular updates too! You can reflect on your journey just as you are doing now and really appreciate those “I can’t believe I just did that!”and “wow I feel amazing!” moments! Plus if you know you’re going to check-in it pushes you to complete that run. Keep going! Almost there!

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DavidnotarunnerGraduate in reply to MaCherie112

Absolutely! My three times a week check in is making me finish! I never want to say “FAILED!”

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MaCherie112Graduate in reply to Davidnotarunner

So much this and it actually works thankfully! 🤣😂 I don’t think I would have gotten so far otherwise!

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I like blow by blow accounts it’s encouraging and reassuring to hear people’s stories and journeys. I need to include undulating topography as the sunrise gets later so open fields are to be avoided, so it’s good to know what to expect and to know it’s achievable.

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DavidnotarunnerGraduate in reply to Poppdog

Thanks Poppdog. It’s all achievable but it certainly is not easy!

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MaCherie112Graduate in reply to Poppdog

Same here!

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Like you I definitely was not a runner until I started C25k last March, it was reading other people’s journeys that kept me going. There is always someone there to answer a question or just to spur you on. Not long now to graduation, go for it!

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DavidnotarunnerGraduate in reply to Lablove

Thank you! Only 5 runs left until I can start running for real! This group has been so helpful to me. It’s so good that everyone helps each other.

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You are so inspiring my friend so please continue to post your progress.

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DavidnotarunnerGraduate in reply to Alan99

Thank you Alan99. I will. Through the good and the bad and beyond.

Wow, you seem to be speeding to that final week! Love reading about other people's journeys so don't stop, even when the plan is completed, there will be more things you want to share. This is the place to do it. It inspires others to do what you are doing too 🙂

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DavidnotarunnerGraduate in reply to Never_too_old

Thank you. When I started I just hoped I wouldn’t keel over! Now I’ve got my eye on that 30 minutes!

I think I'll have to change my name soon, Im also thinking you'll need to do the same!

Yes you do! mostly because there is always someone older than you on this forum!☺️

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