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Factoring in weight loss with C25k

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Hi everyone I’m currently on W4,R1. I am doing this to lose weight and beginner training for this years London Marathon. I’m doing ok so far on the runs, but don’t seem to be shifting any lb’s. Any advice would be great 😊

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I’ve found doing the 5k2c along side MyFitnessPal has helped me to lose 22lbs. Without MyFitnessPal I think I would have found it far harder. It’s a free app so definitely worth thinking about if you’re not already using something?!? 😀

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Welcome to the forum and well done on your progress.

The duration of each C25K workout is not long enough to burn enough calories to enable weight loss. This article explains some possible reasons anitabean.co.uk/https-anita...

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

and includes advice on minimising impact, stretching after every run, hydration and strengthening exercises, all of which will help.

Enjoy your journey.

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I don’t think the running really makes you lose weight but definitely tones your body you will lose inches! But the whole thing makes you remember your body is a temple and I definitely have made more healthier choices lately which has made a difference to my whole well being and weight. Good luck!

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Weight loss is very slow, but inches come off and you are stronger. This is a helpful illustration of what is going on

Fat vs muscle
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You're going to have to combine it with a change in diet. The runs themselves don't burn off many calories at this stage. I've just done 5.10 km and my watch states 257 calories burned. You will feel much fitter and more toned though, some people claim to lose inches but not weight, I can't say this has been my experience, I have pretty much stayed the same😆

Obviously when you run the distances you need to achieve your marathon goal those calories will be flying off. Regardless you are making a great choice doing this programme.

Hiya,As others have said it’s a combo. A great concept to bring together with a new exercise habit is to make small changes to how you eat. If you diet you’re depriving yourself if you just reduce slightly how much you eat it will be easier as most of us eat too much. There’s a great book called Mindless Eating. In essence, try leaving a forkful of food on your plate/in your bowl instead of eating the whole meal. Do that for a week - just one forkful less. When you leave it, think whether your appetite is satiated or whether you could ‘just eat more’. There’s a difference. The next week, try leaving two forkfuls for each meal. That’s it. Don’t keep reducing. Just doing this for your main meal (once per day) will mean you consume approx 1.5kg less food in a month. Over a year that’s at least 12kg (over a stone). Do that for a month and see if you still feel hungry or whether you can just eat more. By all means reduce by one or two more spoons/forkfuls over time but don’t cut too much. You’re just trying to help yourself eat about 10-20% less - that’s the amount you can under or overeat without it making a difference. Last tip, use a smaller plate/bowl. Sounds silly but it’s proven to reduce the amount you consume even when you know about it. That’s the sort of change you can maintain over time. You won’t be depriving yourself. If you go the faster route with dieting it’s hard to make it stick long term. That’s not your fault, it’s the programming in our bodies. Use ‘mindless eating’ and it’s easier to stick with. Hope that helps. Enjoy the marathon - it’s incredible you are taking on the challenge. You are one of an elite few!

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I haven't lost weight through running (I'm on wk7 2/3) I do weights workouts, yoga, bodyweight workouts (but in my own experience) it's only through reducing calories or swapping unhealthy choices for healthier ones and fasting each day for at least 12 hours has lost me some weight loss. Also remember 100 calories per day, over the course of 1 month is equal to 1lb of body weight. 1 thing that bags me up and stops me eating is sparkling spring water (mixed with dilute juice) makes me feel full

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Running burns 1 calorie, per kilogram bodyweight, per kilometer run.

So if you are 70kg and run 5k, then you have burnt 350 calories.

To put it more generally, 1 mile burns about 100 calories.

This is an interesting post on the subject (NOT: I do not endorse everything in it)


Thanks guys for your very useful info and insight to this new world of mine!I have been away for the half term and didn’t manage to run, and ate too much which left me feeling horrid & bloated! I made the mistake of doing a run in the 25 degree heat the other day and could not finish! So now my plan is to get out in the morning before school run/work! Apart from my week away blowout I have been quite mindful of the food I’m eating and questioning whether I really need to eat or if it’s just boredom (I work from home). But thanks all anyway 😇

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"you can't outrun a poor diet" a saying that I heard as I started my weightloss journey, and has stuck with me since. At its most basic level: weightloss will occur when in a caloric deficit. If calories expended is higher than calories consumed, you'll loose weight. Running can help get you into a caloric deficit, but in itself: won't cause weight loss (unless it's part of a caloric deficit).

I haven't counted calories, as (for me) that COULD lead me to possibly developed an eating disorder, instead iv eliminated sugar from my diet, drastically cut back on processed food, and carbs and I'm conscious of my portion sizes. This approach, in conjunction with running has seen me go from 19 stone in January, to 14 at 12lbs at last weigh in (2 days ago)

Like you: I also have a goal of running a marathon, although having graduated 4weeks ago; going from 5k (3.1 miles) to 26 miles is a big step, and so I'm aiming for next year. More experienced runners recommend the 10% rule, that is: don't increase your training load by more than 10 percent each week. It's all very well if you intended to walk a big chunk of the race, but I'm not sure how realistic it is to attain the goal of completing this year's marathon. With that said: 12 weeks ago: I never considered me being able to run 5k in 29:30 attainable, yet here we are, and that's reality. I wish you the best of luck with your weight loss goals, and your marathon goal, but don't injure yourself in the process. Look forward to reading about your progression

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I've read that exercising to lose weight is pretty much discredited now. People either eat more because they're hungry, or reward themselves. of course, that depends on your will power!

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