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Aching legs.


I’ve been running 5k 3x a week. But tonight I really struggled and my legs really ache. I’ve done my usual yoga stretching and did a 5 min walk warm up. Does anyone know why this might be?

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Pre run stretching should be dynamic, as linked to in the guide to the plan but static stretching immediately after every run, while muscles are still warm and supple, pulls out contractions, avoiding carrying tensions into the next run and also improves recovery by improving blood flow, as recommended in the guide to the plan.

Many people do not hold their stretches for long enough or put enough effort in. Hold post run stretches for 30 seconds and make sure the pull is strong enough to be on the verge of discomfort.

Thank you, for your advice. I do always stretch after my runs- I have practiced yoga for many years, holding stretches for several minutes. I do stretches recommended for running. I’ve not had any problems with painful legs before today.

I was wondering if there is something else...

Hydrating seems to be the key theme folk post on to avoid aches/heaviness of legs.... are you drinking 2-3l per day? Or drinking before your morning run?

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Hydration possibly, as mentioned by Luvlollyboo

This may help

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