GPS watch......worth the money or just a gimmick?

Hi everyone,

I'm at the stage where I'm starting to run without the assistance from Laura and it's so frustrating digging around my pocket trying to get an update on my progress. Plus the apps tend to be temperamental.

I've been reading about GPS watches and they seem to be good, however I want an honest opinion as they seem a lot of money.

Thank you :-)


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10 Replies

  • I have a Garmin 110 - which I love. It stores all your history on the watch so you can compare your run speeds, distance and heart rate and calories burnt. I find this all v satisfying- and have seen my times come down and my distances extend. I don't bother loading onto computer but others do and find it very valuable to chart progress.

    The niggles - the charging facility is a bit faffy - and if you forget to charge your watch it just dies until it is recharged. It can take few mins to load up the GPS- standing still away from trees encourages it to set quicker. I also was so impatient to use it - I didn't read the instructions - you can put that down to 'user error' on my part.

    Look at Amazon reviews I based my decision on these.

    Good luck with your decision :-)

  • I also have the garmin 110 & I think it's fantastic , only had it about a month , but just love it picks gps quickly up to now , & not had any probs at all . Wouldn't be without it .

  • I've had a Garmin Forerunner 10 since last Christmas, and I've used it for every run since. I like knowing how far I've run and whether I'm improving. I don't have the 'not always charged' problem that Suzy above has had, as I do connect the watch to my computer each time and upload the stats, and leave it connected until it's fully charged again.

  • Yes mines the forerunner & I haven't had any charging probs either

  • I'm another vote for the garmin 110 however I do tend to get a bit upset if I 'lose' a run. Sometimes they just aren't there to upload to garmin connect afterwards. Luckily it hasn't happened to me on a pb or longest run, but I can imagine how id be if it was...

    I was supposed to do a 10 mile run on Saturday but didn't because I hadn't charged my garmin correctly and wondered if I'd have enough charge to get to the end.

    I do realise that if I do the run it still exists, but somehow, having the garmin record it makes it more real?

  • I'm really not a gadget person but I bought my Garmin forerunner 10 in November & I love it. It lets me know how each Km is going as I go which I actually find helpful. Bought mine using the Tesco boost vouchers which made it almost half price. There's lot more I don't understand about it yet.

  • Like BettyJane I have a Garmin FR10 and I really like it. The watch picks up satellites quickly and tracks my route pretty aaccurately. The screen is clear and easy to read when running and when running intervals or tempo runs I use it to check my current pace (mins/km).

    After each run I connect it to my computer (it simply clicks into the USB connector/charger) and download the data to Garmin Connect. This site shows numerous statistics, such as pace each km and how my pace dips and rises depending on the gradient and terrain.

    I leave it connected to my computer for a wee while to charge, so it's always ready for each run.

  • Thank you everyone, some great advice. I've been looking at the forerunner 10. Purely based on price tag and the fact all I want to

    know is time and distance.

    I may have to treat myself

    To an early Christmas pressie!


  • I'm with Betty, I have a FR10, upload each and every run so it's always charged, but I prefer to use map my run to upload to rather than the garmin site. It's all there on the garmin site but MMR allows me to edit my runs on the computer so I can run round the tall buildings the Garmin thinks I occasionally jump with a single bound. I'm a numbers freak so all the data (distance and time) is entered into a spreadsheet so I can track how far, how fast and how long I've run for.

    The only niggle I have is the auto save function, if the watch sits around for too long doing nothing it saves what's happened so far and goes back to being a watch. Sometimes I hear the warning beeps, sometimes not. I pressed the button to start tracking the other Sunday, 1st run in the dark, didn't realise it had gone back to being a watch during my warm up walk and so it didn't track the run, I had to upload the route manually and guess how long it took.

  • I've got the Garmin 610, found the 210 too unreliable. I love it because when I'm on a run it lets me know how I'm doing with ease and I can see my progress over the months.

    If I wasn't pushing though, I'd say it was a gimmick, so it depends what you want from it.

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