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Knee pain

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I finished w2r1 yesterday. I was quite proud of getting through it without any real issues. It is feeling shorter and shorter as I get used to being out of the house for a half hour. As I was running though, my left knee began to hurt. I kept going out of sheer stubbarness. (It wasn't proper pain, more of a niggle). Today though, it still hurts. It feels like it's come lose, if that makes sense. Should I run again and see if its better or should I give it a week and see if it gets better.

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Well done so far... we do expect hat we often call, normal. aches and pains when we begin this... so...

If you have the correct shoes and socks.... and are taking this gently... then make sure you are warming up well and stretching after your runs. Try to land lightly, I call it, kissing the ground with your feet... and try these exercises which many of us find helpful!

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Thanks. I'll give these a try.

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Well done so far... Oldfloss has said it all really, and the exercises really help, my knees are great now... shame she doesn’t have any for my brain 😂

Happy running.

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If you read the guide to the plan there is advice on aches and pains.........we cannot interpret your pain threshold.

Most new runner's aches and pains are caused primarily by the impact of running, so do all you can to reduce it.

Slow down, avoid heelstriking, keep footfall under your body not out in front, run on grass or treadmill and wear proper running shoes fitted after a gait analysis done at a specialist running shop.

Take care.

I’m absolutely no expert on this but I do have quite bad knee pain after week one and haven’t been able to run since Sunday because of it (when I ran when I had a niggle and thought it would just go away) but I was advised to look at this article

Hope your knee pain goes away quickly for you 😊

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I do suffer a little with my knees! That was my biggest concern before starting the programme. After the 1st Run on Tuesday, which I completed fine my knees killed me for rest of day. Been exercising them a little and did take pain killers! Just done my 2nd run and my knees are fine! It’s my thighs that are giving me gyp today! LOL!

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Lol, it was my calfs the first day. My legs were on fire and I walked like John Wayne for a couple of days after.

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