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Great start to week 2

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W2R1 today, feel great now. I was surprised at how hard it seems to jog for such short intervals but when I was struggling towards the end of the second one I remembered that when I was fitter and ran longer intervals, the first 2 minutes of each interval were always tough; things get easier the longer I run beyond 2 minutes. Which means I have a few tougher runs ahead until I am up to a longer interval, but in a couple of weeks things are going to be so much easier. That thought made me really happy and helped me through the remaining intervals. Playing my own music whilst using the app really helps too, so just in case you're interested today my play list was as follows: Cry on Demand (Gomez), Do You Know What I Mean? (Oasis), Debaser (Pixies), Don't Go Sway (Oasis again- you'll see a lot of them in my playlists), Dreams (Beck), Everlong (Foo Fighters), Go Let It Out (Oasis). All chosen for the requisite bpm and help keep me going when I am flagging. I found this out by looking at one of those helpful list type web sites a while ago and finding a song I liked to run to, then finding others listed with a similar bpm that I already owned. I have 55 tracks on my list which should keep me entertined for a few weeks. Happy running folks ;)

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I find the first 5-10mins or first 1km hard too. Til the blood is pumping round, then I usually get a 'sweet spot'. Unfortunately that doesn't last forever so then I get a 'flagging' section, but I recover more and more quickly as I get fitter. Amazing how quickly that fitness builds up πŸ˜„


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