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Week 9 run 1..... injury!!!

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I finally reached week 9 run 1 this morning. My first post Christmas run. It was hard!! In last minute as per the app, I tried a sprint. After about 30 seconds I tore my hamstring and had to stop. Nightmare!! Anyone have any tips on this please. I had to hobble home and have been doing the RICE thing. I’ve been told it was because I upped my pace with a sprint. Seems a bit unfair to be honest😞

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It is tough, but it is not unfair.

The training plan is structured as it is, without any need to sprint, to gently build a new runner's strength and resistance to injury.

Take care

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That’s a damn shame... the sprint is optional and I tend to avoid any speed at any point of a run when upping the distance. I’ve never had a hamstring go, but I’d recommend having a physio assess the damage and dictate a recovery plan once they have done so. Hope you are back soon... RICE is best in the interim, and especially important in the first few days, so well done there.

Thanks. Hadn’t thought about a physio so will bear that in mind

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Grrrr.... Very annoying.!

I have to admit I've (only) sprained thigh muscles and it reduced me to walking.

Try to keep the C25k habit while in recovery. Maybe walk or cycle for the same time period.

Crossed fingers you have a speedy recovery and don't spend too long on the injury couch.

🎅 Xmas Katnap 🎅

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