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Sooo tired

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W8R3. This is the first day since doing the long runs that I felt sooo tired. I had to stop for 1 minute in my last 5mins. Then I felt so guilty for stopping I picked a downhill route and ran for 4 mins longer ( ie during the warm up time). Now just feeling disappointed and my back hurts. All in all a moany day. Such is life though. Looking forward to my rest day and then hopefully get to feeling proud of doing my last week.

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Tough run, but look what you did there... you didn’t quite make 28 but it was there in the tank and you proved it to yourself at the end with the extra. Maybe slow down a little at the start next time.

Downhill running feels easier but it is harder on the joints and back, so that could explain the back pain... I shorten my steps downhill which slows me down but gets me down with less impact. Maybe try some planking for core strength... there’s a 30 day challenge that starts at 10 seconds and is an excellent progressive way of getting into it.

Hope your next run is smoother, the one after the tough one tends to be.

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