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First 5k run


Hi all,

Just back, hot and sweaty and delighted. I graduated about four weeks ago and since then have been running a mixture of 30 mins consolidation runs, Nike training sessions, a week off completely for sore knees and now finally I have got that distance under my belt. I wanted to share with you as I ran it SLOW. It was still a challenge overall but not on the breath, more in the head. I know everyone always says slow and steady - and they are right. For me the added thing is to be absolutely confident that I would be able to do it. This helped with the voices in my head as I could just be sure that they were wrong. Anyhow, have a good weekend fellow runners ; you are all a massive inspiration for me. X

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Well done, 5k smashed!

And there's nothing wrong with slow - you'll be amazed how far it will get you!

MonicarunGraduate in reply to Tartancat

Thanks! Yes, I'm going to have to find a new route to explore I think with my slow pace.

TartancatGraduate in reply to Monicarun

Definitely- I love finding new routes, it keeps it exciting!

I know exactly what you mean, once you’ve done a few 30min sessions, you know your body can do it but the mental battle kicks in and it is as hard to get through as the running was earlier in the programme. Congrats on your first 5km 🏆

MonicarunGraduate in reply to Ex-NonRunner19

Thanks. It was the first time that I had the certainty since graduating. I have missed that plan!

Ex-NonRunner19Graduate in reply to Monicarun

I’m going to miss it too but still have the challenge of getting to 5km. Did you do it by going faster or for longer? I’m super slow ... 30 mins gets me to just under 4km! 🐌

MonicarunGraduate in reply to Ex-NonRunner19

Hi, my 30 mins have been getting me to around 4.4 k and then I do a brisk walk cool down that brought the total up to 5k. I figured that as my slow running is pretty similar in pace to brisk walking, if I just did the whole thing at a slow pace I would be fine. I did it in just under 38 mins at a steady 7.5 mins per k which is slower than what I have been doing normally- but not by that much. Good luck on your running !


Great job... congratulations on the 5k


Well done you!

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