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Groin Pain


So I graduated in August and really enjoying running. Sept/Oct I was running a steady 5k twice a week when I could. One evening I'd done my 5k and was walking back home when my groin started really hurting, couldn't put much weight or lift my right leg up that night. I rested for almost 3 weeks and it felt better, tried going for a run today and I had to stop before a mile as I could feel the pain coming again. I've not had a proper gait analysis but my trainers had felt ok and I had bought asics ones with support. Think I'll try and see my Dr this week. I'm thinking hip flexor muscle strain from what I've been reading. So frustrating when I want to get out and run.

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Gently stretch it..


What bad luck. See your GP and get a physio appointment, then you'll be on the road to recovery. Keep going with gentle exercise, try cycling or swimming. Good luck!

I am suffering from the same problem, like you I am convinced it's a hip flexor strain. I have not run for nearly 4 weeks, been doing stretching every day and I thought it was sorted. I went for a 3k test run today and hardly any pain running but uncomfortable afterwards. Not sure how long this is going to take to fix but it's going on too long for my liking :(

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