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Hi guys! Hope you're all well. I've been mapping my distance using the Samsung Health App. Since the beginning of week 5, I've started and paused the timer at the beginning and end of each running cycle. However, I've always used walking mode. Today before W6R3, I put the app in running mode instead. My distance increased by 1.5km. This seems unbelievable to me. I know the running time increased by 5 minutes, but it's still a huge difference. Does changing the exercise mode make that much difference? Can somebody help to explain.

Thank you!

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I find the Samsung one really inaccurate. It suggests my pace and distance are faster and further than they are. I track using Strava, which seems pretty accurate me.

Jazzyjeff11Graduate in reply to SubterraneanAlien

Hello! Thanks for the info. I will download Strava ready for my next run 😊

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