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Week 3 day one


Woohooo loving this app didn’t think I’d get this far as I’m a run / walker and a good talker my mission is to finish a 5k without walking in between running something I’ve always done Think I need to be brainwashed to get this idea Im my head of right Amanda you need to have a little walk now it’s not that my legs hurt maybee it’s my breathing pattern Il only walk for maybee few seconds And I’m off again , I’m really hoping I can get over this looking forward to progressing over the next few weeks , any advice on this run walk thing

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If you follow the programme as laid down you'll be fine It’s specifically designed to get folks running solidly for 30 minutes at the end of the 9 weeks. If you go slowly you’ll nail the sessions You get told when to walk and went to jog on. Just think about the session immediately facing you 🙂

Have you read the FAQ’s pinned post? 👍

The whole run walk thing is tried and tested. You can have complete faith in it 💪👍😃🏃‍♀️

I’m really excited about it , all comments on couch to 5k are all positive with no horror stories I’ve told my family if I succeed I’m going to throw a party 😂😂😂


As misswobble has said go “slow”. I pace it between 🐌&🐢. I’ve recently paid the price not adhering to this pace😜As for the breathing malarkey, go with whatever suits you best. I’m a converted mouth breather (l don’t think I’m painting a very good image of myself 😂) Run to time rather than distance as you progress through your journey. Your doing fab👍🏻


Great job... that 5k will come... just keep working on it.

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