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Is it just me, or are Mondays harder?


So, I've been a lurker here for a while but completed W6R1 yesterday. So far the programme has been great -- even the "dreaded" W5R3 was absolutely fine. I'm yet another of those whose memories of school running meant that I *never* thought I could enjoy this. But I am :-)

I've been running a Mon/Wed/Fri pattern, with the weekend off. But I have to say that Mondays seem considerably harder than the other run days. Maybe it's just that "Monday feeling" or do other people find it harder after a two-day break?

I know I need the rest days -- and my 55-year-old knees are definitely telling me that :-( -- but I'm just wondering how it feels for everyone else and if it gets easier!

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Great job.

Mondays are your first day of the programme week too... most of them are a step up... and the run you did this week was a tricky set of intervals that have caught many out, so in your case it isn’t just a day of the week thing, it’s a day of the plan thing.

I do think we have a psychological dread of Mondays in general and that affects most things we do, so there is a little in the observation of many that Monday’s are harder.

Anyway, Monday is done, you can enjoy the next two!

OnlineTwinGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Yes - good points. I'll look forward to tomorrow's run!

Maybe I'll just have to add the Boomtown Rats' "Tell me why (I don't like Mondays)" to my playlist :-)

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to OnlineTwin

That would be a cool song to start a Monday run on!


I also find Mondays harder. Yesterday I did W5R1 and even though I wasn’t concerned as there were 5mins runs in W4, it felt like I had never run 5mins before and I had to force myself to finish.

I’ve been putting it down to lack of sleep as I tend to sleep in on Sundays and ruin my Monday morning. Need to get my sleep routine sorted!

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