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Week 4 is complete! I repeated run 3 as I found the first time I tried it really hard...and I had a weeks break due to illness.

I’m finding it really hard to run midweek because of the early mornings, dark night and work/kids/life 🤔

Just wondering what people’s views are- I know it says to run 3 times a week, but if this is really not doable would twice a week be better than nothing?

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I’ve similar problems getting out three times, but anything has to be better than nothing ! I’ve found it helps re family if I fit in my run along with something else, like the weekly shop, where I’m out alone anyway - they don’t really notice if I take half an hour longer. Several folk on here take their kids running with them, but that depends on the kids ! Be proud of what you’re doing and the good example you’re setting. And remember repeating isn’t failing: it’s a sensible strategic choice. Happy running 😀

Vix82 in reply to ButtercupKid

Thank you. I started taking both children and now my youngest doesn’t want to continue (I’ve tried persuading but I’m at he point I would be forcing him and I’m not going to do that). Trouble is that I can get him to come for a ‘walk’ in the evening but it’s not until after work 6:30ish and it’s too dark. Tried it last night but I would’ve not seen him and it’s too unsafe. Uhhh 🙄

Unfortunately there isn’t any other spare time in the week for shopping or any other ‘me time’. I do yoga and Zumba too.

Never mind, I’ll try twice a week as this is better than nothing. It’ll just take longer. 🤷🏼‍♀️

ButtercupKidGraduate in reply to Vix82

Nothing wrong with that. Your kids might enjoy evening outings and stay safer if you can invest in lighty-up stuff - high viz, head torches, arm bands, those cool trainers that flash when you move etc etc. Turn your run into a disco 😄


Do what you can.

Three times a week is the optimum frequency, but you will still make progress running twice each week.

You will still get there.


Well done for keeping at it.

Sometimes it is more brave to repeat a run instead of carrying on.

You will be a stronger runner for repeating W4R3.

You're doing great! 😸

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