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Park Run No1


Like others went on my first Park Run yesterday to do my W8R1. Managed to complete the course in 34.49 which, considering just over 6 weeks ago even running for one minute was an effort, was amazing (second in my age group 65+ male)

According to Runkeeper the course was 5.3k. Not knowing how these events work I lost time at the start not realising the start time was the same for everyone - I was at the back and was slow to realise we were off. Hopefully will be a better time next time.

All my training was on flat, tarmac country lanes so going ‘cross country’ and dealing with up and down gradients was another challenge. Running with others had a positive effect as did the encouragement from the volunteer marshals. Onwards and upwards as they say.

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Fab time regardless of age!! Well run you 👏👏👏

Oh my goodness that's an amazing achievement! I am awestruck 😮! Well done indeed 👏👍💐🏅


Sounds a great run and a great atmosphere!

Well done, I’m 64 and know the feeling. I too only run on tarmac usually so trail running is very different, fell over once, ouch!!! Completed two park runs and one 10k so far. Keep going, we are great us over 60s.

StypeGraduate in reply to Agelesslass

I agree with you. Well done. 10k seems a dream at the moment but who knows. Guess10k will be my next target. Looking forward to the next Park Run.

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