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W3R2, I'm glad I finished you!


Another morning of wanting to stay in my oh so cozy bed! Gosh I'm starting to re-think the efforts I've gone to in improving my sleep - great mattress, nice sheets, cozy duvet, no phone in the bedroom, room-darkening curtains - it all makes me want to just stay under the covers when the alarm goes off! But I eventually did roll out, remembering how good I felt on Monday that I'd completed R1. And upon rolling over... ooouf! I could feel those squats I did yesterday... and I still can sitting in my office chair. I told myself "ugh, just a walk then" and was just about out the door when hubby kindly handed me my phone and I figured I'd better put the podcast on and give it a try.

So glad I did, my glutes actually felt better running than they did walking. I was wise enough to pull the old rain jacket out of the closet, even though it wasn't actually raining and seemed it might be too warm for it, in my first interval of running there was a few minutes of solid rain. My poor little dog, he's not a fan of the rain, but with a bit of encouragement he kept up with me, and the waist-leash I'm using is working out so nicely, he's much better behaved than on a regular leash. It also helped that we came across fewer dog walkers than usual.

In the end it was a so-so run, I wasn't loving it or hating it, but most of all, I got it done. I did feel like I could have kept going at the end, but I've promised myself to stick to what Laura tells me to do, so had to cool down, head home to stretch, shower and get the kids ready for the day.

I think I'll aim to do my harder strengthening exercises in the afternoons on running days from now on though, as running definitely seemed to crank the intensity of the ache in my glutes up a notch, and I'm not a fan of that "I can tell I worked out yesterday" feeling... very distracting.

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Well done! Just finished this one myself today, also struggled to motivate myself a bit. Kudos for taking your dog as well, I took mine on W1R1 but his unannounced toilet breaks kinda put me off the idea! :D

Amandana in reply to sHAYM4N

Thanks! What are you doing to stay motivated, to keep getting out the door?

Oh gosh, yes, that's irritating, isn't it? I have a male dog as well but thanks to the fact that it's so quiet when I run early in the morning, I'm able to run a bit further out into the road so he can't sniff much of anything, so I can keep him moving well during the running intervals. I'm not sure how it will go once there aren't any walking intervals though....


Good job. Those aches will reduce over time... they are partly the recovery process and partly the strengthening one. I don’t ache at all aver most runs now and when I do it’s only tiny and doesn’t feel like my legs hate me.

Well done getting out there and doing it.

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