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Aches everywhere 😩

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Week 4, run 🏃🏼‍♀️ 2 completed!

The way back was up a slight incline and against the wind 🤔

Corrr everything aches really badly tonight, my calves, ankles, sides. Feeling sore. I did yoga last night and also noticed my hamstrings pulled a lot when doing some poses. Oh dear sounds like I’m very sorry for myself.

On the plus side...i went out even though I was exhausted after work and didn’t want to (also with a moany son who told me I was mean for ‘making’ him do this!). AND even then I didn’t stop running. 🙄

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Well done... now shower... roll and massage and stretch and relax !!! Brilliant!

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Very well done indeed. 😃

Ibuprofen might be your friend for a day or two! ... but Oldfloss’s suggestions sound so much more enjoyable. 😄

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Great job. Glad to hear your son enjoyed it too 😂

Rest and stay loose until the next time.

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You're doing fine! Let us know when you graduate! 😸

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