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W6 R1 Annoying tech issues-grrr!


Today was my first actual run in the rain although I’d timed it to miss the worst of it, surprisingly it was quite refreshing once I’d got into it.

I started today’s run very slowly again, trying to repeat the pattern of my last run. Halfway into the first segment everything stopped, my music, the app, everything so I had to make a brief stop and take everything off and restart. I think I’d possibly run for a little longer than I should have so hopefully this outweighs the brief pause.

So back to it, a brief walk and then into an 8 minute run, I passed all my usual landmarks, the chickens, the church, the house for sale-“wait a minute, the house for sale? I shouldn’t have got this far, where’s the halfway bell? Something must have broken again! ‘. I checked my iPhone, no, everything ticking away still so all ok, so I carry on. By the time the bell sounded I’d gone past my point of no return and decided to take the circular route resisting the almost irresistible urge to stop and pick up conkers as I passed (such a child!)

It’s strange how many oncoming cars seem to refuse to pull out when they see you even though the road is clear so today I did get a few spooshes. I was thinking that all the motorists today looked particularly grumpy, particularly the women who wouldn’t even look at me. I find this tends to be a bit of a female trait -do we have to be so stiff that we can’t move our heads? Hope I don’t drive like this! Anyway a lovely older gent restored my faith by signalling and moving right over for me with a smile- yay for older gents then!

Reaching the ‘dead spot’ no houses no nothing just countryside (sorry bad grammar), I passed the workman’s glove (still there) which meant that the turning into the village was nearly in sight and sure enough I started to see the usual traffic turning off the road.

Ok so last little bit, I don’t remember the last walk but must have done it and then onto the final five minute run. I took this one far too fast I know but somehow couldn’t stop myself, it was proper running and before I knew it Laura was calling ‘time out’ for the last cool down.

Really pleased to have completed today’s run and I’m not too wet, a nice bath and I’ll be lovely again. See you on Satirday :)

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Good run Flower, despite the rain and tech issues you sound really chipper!

Those running endorphins are kicking in and you are feeling the confidence and satisfaction of a succesful outing!

Well done you...and onwards and upwards!😊xx


Great job! That’s one tricky set of intervals you just went through... well done.

AngryFlowerGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Yes the intervals are intetesting as there’s no way to compare them performance-wise in my Apple watch app as each one is different. Judging on how I feel, I think it’s going OK

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to AngryFlower

You got through it... it’s going more than ok... that run has caught so many out... be proud that you weren’t one.


What a great run and a great post! You are on the way now..enjoying the runs and all that is going on around you too. Perfect!


I had a bit of a car issue myself this morning Grrrrr!

Sounds like you had a good run😊

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