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Stuck on Week 4 leg issues

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Hi all I have been really enjoying the Couch to 5k until recently. I got to Week 4 feeling really proud of myself, but I have started to get pain in my lower left leg muscle. It’s really annoying as I can feel myself getting fitter. I’ve been resting longer between runs and just repeating Week 4 to see how it goes but I’m still getting pain.

I really don’t want to quit but I don’t want to injure myself either. I am overweight so should I stop until I lose some weight before trying again? I’m 44 by the way and I do regular exercise but running is new.

Any tips/advice very welcome please! Should I see a physio to check it out?

Thanks 😃

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I’m very overweight myself so I do sympathise ! My advice would be not to stop. Try repeating the last week you felt happy with, focussing on your style and breathing/ posture rather than pace. Also try doing some stretches. Build up gradually and don’t be afraid to go a little slower. Hope it goes well x

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If it's severe pain don't run. Is your footwear supportive enough? Might be worth getting a gait analysis and so am new runners. Best thing I did. 👟👟

If it doesn't improve after a week of rest, you might need to re-evaluate. Perhaps you could do brisk walking (still use the C25K app) and try to shift a bit of the weight so your legs don't have so much work to do. Lots of folk on this forum have started with walking then moved to running when fitness levels and bones/muscles are up to speed.

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If you've not had a gait analysis I would really recommend that you do. Having the correct trainers can resolve all sorts of issues. Even if you're using "top brand" shoes they may not be right for your running style.

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Are your shoes ok?

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If you can get to see a sports physio, then that would be an excellent course of action. Since you are exercising regularly, then it must be something to do with the running that is causing just your left calf to get sore. That might be something biomechanical that the physio can spot in 5 minutes (and give you some relevant exercises to strengthen the necessary bit). My physio made an ultra-slow video of me running, and after looking at this (and the muscle development in both legs) said "when did you have the accident?". I'd had a skiing accident about 20 years earlier.

Almost certainly you'll end up stronger and more conditioned for running. And the £60 cost of the appointment will be about what you might spend on unnecessary running shoes (but you might need running shoes as well :-( )

You might want to revert to brisk walking just now, until you've had the calf looked at.

Thanks all I think I will see a physio just to be sure. I would be happy to take a step back and do more walking if I need to. It's a shame though as I have really been enjoying it! I will see what they say and update later!

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Are you stretching after your runs and on rest days? When I've had really sore muscles after overdoing exercise it has been stretching that has sorted it out, especially by pushing the stretch gently a bit further.

You could try going back to week 3 to see whether the shorter intervals work better for you.

Also, try these leg strengthening exercises:

They worked a treat for me when I had runner's knee just after I graduated.

Hi would give yourself a couple of days off and try again , try doing some stretches before you run if no improvement after a couple off days then I would go and see your doctor .hopevits better soon

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It may be the wrong trainers, this is the point when you should consider gait analysis, you can combine that with a physio appointment as a good sports physio will identify gait issues.

I didn't experience any problems until after I graduated, then my left knee/ lower leg issues kicked in.

The physio I saw was great, as was the running shop, they let me buy 3 pairs, on the understanding that 2 pairs would be returned. The physio then assessed me in all pairs, advised me on the correct pair.

So far so good.....

I hope you get yourself sorted out 🤞

Hi all I thought I would just update my post. I saw a Physiotherapist yesterday and she was very helpful. She said it was a tight muscle and gave me stretches to do each day, and advised that I could still run but cut it down to twice a week, and stay on Week 4 until I improve. I do feel reassured that I have not done any really bad damage and that I can still do this. Thanks for all the help and suggestions!

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