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W3R2✔️ breathing?


Tonight's run was the toughest yet! I felt like I had more in my legs but I just couldn't get my breathing right! I was on my last 3 minute stint, arguing with myself about whether to stop and walk and my friend called me.... I could hardly talk to her but it was a huge distraction and I think it took my mind off thinking about when to breathe?! Has anyone got any tips that's helped them to master their breathing?

H x

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Good job completing it.

Yes, I had to distract myself on the breathing too, it works itself out. That phone call may have helped with pace too? Did you slow down?

Hmcg30 in reply to UnfitNoMore

I'm not sure if I did slow down, quite possibly?! I'll try and take it slower next run and see if that helps, think I'm being competitive with myself lol. How did you distract yourself? Just thinking about different things?x

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to Hmcg30

I switched music for a comedy podcast... had to pay attention to that... probably looked like a nutter giggling around the park, but it worked. Couple of runs later I went back to music all relaxed about breathing.

Don’t compete with yourself every run. If you go on to running plans you’ll see that half, maybe more, of the runs are recovery runs... they’re run slow, you’ll have long runs, again slow, speed/tempo sessions, fast but not gonna set a PB as the distance is short... and then your race distance run, when you put it all together. So, may as well get in practice and run like the established runners! Next week all my runs are the same, so I’m going for it like it’s 2 recovery runs, and then I may allow myself to go a little faster on the third.


Slow down and just breathe normally..if you are struggling, slow down more.. don't overthink it:)


I felt the same at that stage, and I managed it by slowing down. Starting slow is important. Don’t worry about pace at all. Later in the programme I remember realising much to my surprise that the breathing hadn’t been a problem in this run. Your aerobic capacity will increase naturally. So, slow down, and later you’ll have got past this difficulty.

Hmcg30 in reply to rocket999

Thank you, that's reassuring. I'll definitely slow down next run x

rocket999Graduate in reply to Hmcg30

Pleasure! One other point I should have made - early on I didn’t use any music. Later I switched from the app to the podcast so then had music, and this helped me have something else to focus on rather than the struggle! So, if you aren’t already doing so, I’d recommend music or a podcast or catch up bbc radio, or similar. Good luck - you can definitely do it!


Thanks for making this post Hmcg30.

The replies you got helped me work out what to do with breathing as I progress. So slow down the pace... but keep running... and smiling. 😸

The advice i got, was to breathe naturally. Like you I was struggling to breathe every 4.

This week I ran slower, with shorter strides on cushioned grass and it all came together.


Well done, I did my w3r2 today and couldn't wait for the end of the 2nd 3 minute jog. I know that this simplifies the breathing aspect but I just breathe heavier and try to focus on the end of the jog.

Just an aside - week one's 60 second jogs look tame now but didn't feel like it at the time.

Hmcg30 in reply to HerrFlick

Yes you're totally right, the weeks have flown over and the progress has been so much quicker than I expected!

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