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Back at work this week so having to run at the end of the day rather than first thing in the morning. Can’t believe how much harder it is. Getting on ok tho, just more of a struggle and knocked my confidence a bit I must admit. Managing to get through the toxic ten and I’m sure the second 14 minutes are shorter than the first 14. yay! W8r3 On Saturday morning so perhaps it will give me a bit of a confidence boost again 🙂. 4 more runs to go .....

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Precisely that last bit... confidence. We’re doing this from the couch... we choose when we run, where we run, what hat we wear, which way round the park we run, which of 5 identical treadmills we use... we choose everything and we get comfortable in our surroundings. Change anything and we get less comfortable and our confidence isn’t as high. Saturday will feel all wonderful I’m sure.

You got through this though... great job! Not long to go now.

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I'm so glad you wrote this, I thought it was just me! I'm really struggling with running later in the day, but I can't fit an early morning run in before work 🙁.

Thank you for making me feel better, I thought I'd lost my mojo 😊.

Good luck with the rest of the program and keep us posted 😀

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Take it slow and steady... new time to run..it can throw you :)

You are doing incredibly... just relax and move forward gently!

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I hate evening runs much prefer mornings. Got my W8R2 after work tomorrow and dreading it already 🤣

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Running after a day's work is a big ask of the body whatever time of the day and especially if it's not your preferred time to run so well done. Make sure you drink plenty of water through the day, however busy you may be.

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Norfolk18Graduate in reply to Craftysue66

I’m sure lack of fluids has a lot to do with it. Have been drinking a litre of water every day while I was off but now back at work I barely get a quarter of a litre. Need to try to make myself drink more again. Thanks

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Yay! I managed this morning’s run much better. Morning is obviously my best time to run. My pace was recording as a bit slower but managed 2.6 mile so was really pleased. Thank you for your support again everyone😁

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littlerua in reply to Norfolk18

Yeaaaa you are doing amazing. So glad Sat run went well. You can do this. I love early mornings the best. 🏃‍♀️😘

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