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Slow progress

I just completed W6R2. 2 miles in 33 minutes covered. Before injury last year I was doing 3.11 miles in 33 minutes. So frustrated ! Not sure I will return to previous fitness.

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The thing is you’re beating the plan. You can work on that time later. Good job today

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Thanks UnfitNoMore


I was faster before treatment for cancer and we all have to accept that we are where we are..........frustration serves no purpose.........just work on building yourself back up and you never know where you will be in months to come.

I ran my first sub 30 minute 5k for well over a year last weekend, so progress is possible, despite the fact that my treatment continues for more than another year.

Keep going and be as good as you can be.


Thanks IannodaTruffe. That is most inspiring. Hope your treatment goes well.

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