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Not sure whether to move on from the programme early?


Hey guys,

New to this so sorry if I say something the wrong way!

I recently completed w5 r3 (the 20 minute run) but at the end of it I felt really energised so I just carried on for nearly 10 minutes and ended up running 5.1k in 29:57! A couple of days later I went to stay with a friend who's a runner and we did another 5.1k in just over 30 minutes, although I did struggle towards the end a bit!

As I've progressed to getting to 5k/30 mins a little early, do you think I should go back and complete the programme or just keep trying to do 30 minute runs?



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You need to be patient and do the programme properly, it's not about distance just the time, or risk injury..

See the link for essential info..


Let your muscles catch up. Complete the programme. Best to do exactly what it says until graduation day.


I would continue with the program, whilst it is great you have run 5K it is still early in your new running life, your body still needs time to adjust and catch up .


It’s great that you can do that - very encouraging for future running. 😃

However, I agree that it would be wise to finish the program. Your cardio adapts more rapidly than muscles, tendons, bones etc so it would be easy to do too much too soon because you “feel fine” and end up with an injury- which is SO frustrating. Part of running is discipline to develop your skills at a gradual rate. Good luck and enjoy your running journey. 😄

I totally agree with all the others, you’re clearly a natural, but you still need your body to get used to all this!

Complete the programme, gain strength and more stamina, then the running world will be your oyster - with hopefully no injuries! 😀

Thanks 😀

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