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WK1R2 - Feel great!


I know it's really early days, but I honestly didn't think I'd even get started on this programme. Only two runs done, but my confidence about actually being able to do this thing has really gone up. I'm doubtful I'll sail through the weeks from start to finish and almost certain I'll have to go over the early weeks again. But the fact that I now 'believe' I can achieve it, is an amazing turn of events in itself. Thanks for all the fantastic encouragement.

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Yay! Well done you, you’re on your way! Just carry on as you are and as long as you continue to complete the runs, no matter how slowly or how many rest days in between, there’s no need to repeat any. You can if you want, but no necessity! 😀

You’ll find your confidence grows with each run, you’ll become stronger and you’ll start to look forward to the next one!

Plus we’re all here to cheer you on all the way! 😀

Good luck on your brilliant journey. 👏👏👏

Thank you cheeky! My favourite cheerleader! Hehe :)

cheekychipmunksGraduate in reply to theslimpster

Haha. I’m always on here to give a good cheer! 👏👏😀😀


Great stuff and attitude! Yes, you can do this. Yes, you’ll meet a run that seems at least almost impossible at some point. Going over a week is debatable... for example if you can run 4 minutes trying for 5, going back to 3 minutes will have less of an effect than doing 4 again. Hope that makes sense. There may be a run that you can’t do for several attempts, but if you keep working at the impossible in this game, it will become merely challenging and then you’ll do it.

Stay positive, relax before every run, and use your mental strength when the legs don’t want to keep going. You’ll amaze yourself a lot of times doing this.

That's brilliant advice, thanks so much. I get what you're saying about pushing forward rather than repeating...i.e. try, try, again. Thank you. :)


Slow and steady will get you to the most amazing places... just relax.. trust the plan and believe in yourself... that is all you need..oh .. and us all running beside you :)

Thank you, so much. You're so right!

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