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Nemesis conquered and frogs!


I have a choice of some lovely routes around here but there’s one I’ve avoided as it involves a hill!! I’ve gone left to avoid going down it on the grounds I can’t go down if I’m not willing to go up! That takes me on a more gradual slope down which, on the way back, is a much longer incline than if I’d just bite the bullet and do “the hill”! *

Today I went down it.

Kept going on a loop that would bring me back home at just over 30 min. Said hill then came in at just over the 20 min mark so far from ideal I’m thinking 🤔. I got to the bottom and guess what - it’s not too long and not as steep as I’d been imagining. (This being a route I walk frequently so I knew what it was like really but running up it was different). How my mindset has changed over the weeks!! Needless to say I managed it and my run came in at 4.8k in about 35 min. I thought I’d slowed down quite a bit but my pace doesn’t seem to vary wildly from run to run. This was one of my most comfortable runs (?cooler?) and another turning point. Onward and upward - literally!!

p.s. *It’s only a slight incline really

Nearly trod on this fellow but luckily we met on my warmup walk.

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Cooler, but the hill may cancel that out. Maybe stronger? Fitter? Braver?

Good run

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Definitely braver!! I’ve been avoiding that since week 6. No more!! 😃 I’ve been posting here for weeks about getting your positive attitude and yet it’s still taken me this long!! Got there at last.

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