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Rest day walk and shopping


I decided to combine everything I wanted to do and take the scenic walk to the running shop especially as it's 1.5 miles by road or field!

I got new shoes!! For the latest model I'm the brand I previously used (from gait analysis when I was running a few years ago) I had to go up 1.5 sizes!! The lady in the shop was saying over the last few years all brands are putting so much more padding in the shoes while keeping the outside size the same that lots of people are having to size up from previous versions! Which i guess is how I got a too small size on line.

I tried on a few different cushioned support shoes and narrowed it down to 2. The latest version of the shoe I'm used to and a different brand. I got to try them on the treadmill one on each foot and ended up switching brands. They're just a bit softer underfoot which I think will be better on the road. I also got a Tuesday night club t-shirt and some matching running socks.

With the shorts a couple of weeks ago and the sports bra a couple of months ago I'm fully kitted out 😁

I'm so tempted to go run today but it's my rest day! Tomorrow I will put my kit on first thing so I'm ready to go as soon as there is a gap in the predicted rain!

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Ooh exciting! Love running gear! Enjoy your new kit tomorrow 👌🏽


Love the retail therapy bit of running:) Sassy gear:)

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