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Running in the rain

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Hi, I've just done w9 r1. My first run in th rain. I used to look at people running in the rain as I drove past in the car thinking what the hell! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ now I'm 1 of them. I enjoyed it too. Bonus was that it was cooler and also passers by couldn't tell how much I was sweating.

I managed to run for 37 mins, did over 6k and I got my best pace so maybe rain running is my thing.

3 Replies
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Rain is certainly preferable to heat, and counters the high humidity by cooling you from the outside. Congrats on the PB pace, and the extra k that you ran.

Oooo how lovely, running in the rain. I’ve yet to do it (currently in Munich where it’s still stifling hot), but I’ll look forward to some cool runnings in early August!

Well done on starting W9! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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Me too, I like running in drizzle or light rain. It's calming and cathartic. You certainly got a great pace. Glad you enjoyed your run.

I've found that for a good pace I need heavier rain or a rumble of thunder to make me keen to get back as fast as possible!

I don't think I've seen one of your posts before, so welcome to the forum 😎🌧 it's nice to have you along for a run.

Good luck with your last 2 runs. Hope you enjoy them.

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