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A little change does you good


So 10 weeks of running ! My god that’s just mental 😁.

Today I used up 2 of my half day summer Fridays and had the day off. Waved goodbye to the prodigal son at the school gates and went home to find the keys to the bike shed.

Dusted the cobwebs of my bike...... a bike I spent the best part of a year to save up for, seemed a shame to see it lying there ☹️.

Got the tyres up to pressure and headed off to Deers leap my local trail centre.

What a beautiful day. Sun shining birds chirping ect ect. I find myself screaming round the red run at a rate of knots shouting “woo hoo”!!!! It’s good to be alive.

New jump sections been added so spent some time there pretending I can fly😁.

The uphill sections are so much easier now I’ve got stronger legs and better aerobic capacity. The difference I feel is astounding.

I just goes to show that running not only improves your ..... well ....... running but has a knock on effect in your every day life for the better.

Sitting in the woods having a spot of lunch now listening to the crickets chirping and the occasional scream in the distance from fellow riders crashing or scaring themselves silly on the jump sections 😂

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Sounds like a lovely day! Enjoy! #sorebumtomorrow

in reply to LoungeLizaard

😬 padded shorts are in use 😉

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