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Weight lose goals

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So I’m a 33 year old who feels likes it’s time to fully commit to my weight loss goals, I’ve been yo yoing for the last 2 years,

I starting tryed to run about 2 years ago and enjoyed it but suffered a lot with chin splints due to my weight, so this time round I’m hoping to start slower, any suggesting on some stretching to help would be awesome

I’m also beginning to swim at least once a a week and weight train and the gym at least once a week.

How should I start slowly? I will follow the app but feel, if my chins play up again I’ll just quit..

Wish me luck 👍

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Follow the plan... take it steady and slow :) try to land lightly too.. and if you do your warm ups, your post run stretches and put in some rest day exercise, you should be fine:)

Check out this post..it has all the info you need.. including a link to the stretches:)


Try to think positive.. trust the plan and believe in yourself!

We will be right here:)

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You might need to have a gait analysis as your shins hurting can be caused by poor fitting shoes. Proper fitting running shoes can cost a lot but keep you injury free. Google gait analysis near me 👍🏽

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Welcome to the forum.

Do check out the guide linked to by Oldfloss it is full of tips.

Shin splints are partially caused by the impact, as are beginner's knee problems. To reduce impact slow down, do not overstride, making sure footfall is under your body not out in front, avoid heelstriking, run on grass or treadmill and wear proper running shoes fitted after a gait analysis done at a specialist running shop.

Enjoy your journey.

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