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How long does it take to start losing weight?

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Hi - I just completed week 4. I've already lost over 2 stone with Slimming World and still have about a stone to go, so still definitely overweight. I've been running, doign aerobics and following the same diet that lost me 2 stone but have stuck at the same weight since I started running. I know that at the beginning at least fat is converting to muscle and there can be water retention in the muscle but how long does it take to start actually losing weight? I do feel fitter and leaner but just wish the scales would move! Thanks for any ideas.

12 Replies
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Well done on the 2 stone. I found that since running I seem to stick at the same weight for a week or so then lose a couple of pounds over a couple of days.

Also 1 stone overweight is not a lot, have you considered that what little fat you have left is being converted to (denser) muscle?

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You may actually need to be eating more calories now that your activity has increased. I use an online diet, and the daily calories allowed increases with increased activity levels. The body goes into starvation mode if your eating too few calories.

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Thank you Betty and Matt (if I may shorten your names). Both good ideas although I never think of "what little fat you have left" as applying to me :-) I don't *think* I'm eating too little - I eat a lot and that's a premise of Slimming World - you can eat as much as you like of the right foods (it's not a calorie based diet although I can see the logic in what you say). I'll give it another week or two then start making some diet changes.

Thanks again - one day I hope to be a "graduate" as well!

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I lost 9 lbs since the start of C25K (just completed W5R2) but the weight loss has slowed over the last few weeks. I'm not too worried about this as, like you, I'm feeling 'lighter', much more toned and fitter.

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Well done on your progress.

Dont forget that you aren't actually burning that many more calories at the walk/run stages so be patient. I have stayed the same weight since June despite running for around half hour twice a week and at least an hour and half once a week, but really toning up and my clothes are getting looser so not complaining!

This link shows how many calories you burn running for 10 mins constantly at various speeds just to give you some idea.

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I am into week 9 and do what mattaitch does. I will stay steady then have a loss. The first few weeks I actually gained...fluid retention etc. I think around week 4 or 5 I showed a loss. I do weight watchers which allows several fruits and veggies as well as eating a balanced diet. Over the past 1.5 years, I'm down 36 pounds. I am waiting until my grad run to take measurements again but if I remember weights on the scale, over the past 9 weeks, I believe I may have lost 4-6 pounds. I feel more toned so I'm excited to do the re-measuring.

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I agree with Deryn61, I have almost completed week 9, the scales have not budged but I have lost centimetres around my hips/thighs, tummy and i can see in my face i have lost weight. I suppose you just need to consider the extra muscle you are building and I hope that once you plateau with the muscle building you would be losing weight because of your higher metabolism (I hope anyway)!

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Alaiyo did a really good blog on just this subject a while ago

Also even if the scales is not moving - do measure yourself. I didn't and regret it. My shape has really changed for the better since I started running. And remember that overweight and fit is a whole lot healthier than overweight and unfit! Good luck :-)

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THANK YOU everyone here - great answers and I'm more cheerful now (I was about to pack in the diet and the running and go sit on a beach somewhere :-) )

I spent quite a while reading Deryn61's link and Alaiyo's blog - they are both great resources and I've bookmarked them for future reference. It's very reassuring to know I'm not alone with this. I really wish I'd got the tape measure out back in January when I started with Slimming World as I know I've lost plenty of cm and am lots less wobbly!

Here's hoping now that I can follow Alaiyo and start losing some of the excess pounds in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks again all here for caring to answer and good luck everyone on your running/weight loss journeys - I'm off to my "rest day" aerobics class this morning but will doubtless be back in here again later - another permanently open window on my computer!

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You might have a look into calorie cycling on google as I found that if my weight hit a plateau that the best thing to do was to eat a fair amount more for a day to three days and then go back to sticking with my daily online weight-watchers points. I can only say that the results I've had are quite startling. I think the calorie cycling helps the body understand there is no famine to conserve energy for.

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Well done on your weight loss through SW.

I have never so much as lost a pound since running. But many people say my shape has changed.

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Hi thinnerandfitter well done to you so far for your achievements.

With your weight loss and running :-) I to started running for

weight loss. So far ive lost a stone. I would love to lose another

stone. Im just eating 3 meals and snacking on fruit per day

also watching my portion sizes. Ive notice inch loss more than ever

around my waist,hips,tum and thighs. My bottom has also shrunk :-)

Once you start doing longer runs, the weight will start to drop off more.

Good luck and keep us posted xlu

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