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Finally finding my pace!


After five weeks of struggling to breath during the runs I did wk5r2 this morning and during the warm up walk had a strange mental block of not being able to breathe deeply, then when I started the first eight minute run it all started coming more naturally.

I'm more used to excercises like spinning when you're expected to go fast so it's a challenge reconditioning my head!

Really enjoyed that run, got overtaken, didn't care, saw a pretty striped caterpillar and managed to run the last minute uphill at the same pace.

Roll on Friday!

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Great job👍👍. Just did my w5r2 today also. I’m actually looking forward to Friday myself. Rest up and see ya Friday morning on the big 20 min run

Yes, the breathing thing usually sorts itself around wk 5-6. One other tip I got from ianodeatruffe is to breathe out forcefully a couple of times every now and again - it helps get the carbon dioxide out of your body and does seem to make a difference. I like caterpillars too😀. Hope you enjoy the rest of the programme and beyond.

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Thanks for the tip, I'll try that out. It was a particularly handsome caterpillar!

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