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I decided to download the squats app which is a lame version of this app. Anyway I did my first days 18 squats on my off c5k day yesterday. Today I completed my W3 R3. Yup, my legs ached this morning because of the stupid squats, I managed to get down the stairs and eventually into the gym for my run. Then after my aching 5 min warm up walk, I start running my 90 sec and suddenly my phone decides to summersault onto the treadmill, I step on it and reflexively I hit the emergency stop. I jolt and trip off the running machine cashually acting as if it was all planned as I pickup my phone. Meanwhile I'm dropping sweat and cursing the world.

The app of course crashed but I got back on and continued running until I though 90 sec was up. The last 3 min run was hell. I just wanted to give up but I focussed not on the today, not on that minute but myself running on the surface of Mars with my alien friends. I need some sleep. At least I have my rest day tomorrow.

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You can overcome!


Oh bless you. Poor thing. I can sympathise... I did 50 squats one day and my thighs were agony the next!! 🤣🤣🤣

The key is to work up slowly just like c25k... do a few each time to start then work up to 10/15/20 etc 👍😁


Gosh... don't let our Rignold hear you calling squats, stupid :) They have been a big part of a lot of forum friends exercise regime:)

Poor you.. what a time you had! Hopefully after your rest any and some gentle exercise you will be okay!

Thanks. Much better this morning. I'll maybe try some again on Thursday. 🏋️‍♀️

I’m curious which app? As far as I know Public Health for England have not put their name to a Stregnth app just the podcasts Stregnth and Flex. I would of been surprised if they started you off so aggressively. Take care and I hope they heal soon and so glad you and the phone survived the tumble

Starting squats should start with learning to do proper technique for a low number. Not start with 18 and going up in volume dramatically. The majority of people use very poor form for squats and this wrecks their knees and gives them back ache and all that stuff which they then blame on the exercise rather than the method of execution.


Well done for completing. I do yoga on my rest days an app i downloaded

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