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W6....smashing it!

Who knew? According to Laura I can call myself a runner now! Just done W6R2...wow, it's hot out there, and at 15mins in it was uphill!😖 However, I kept going, pretty slowly, and when Laura finally told me there were only 60 seconds to go I managed a little burst if speed! I'm actually amazed at myself 😁😁 Race for Life is one week away, even though I'm on week 6 I feel ready to give it a go, after all, its a muddy obstacle course with shortish runs between the obstacles! Tomato face....its the new fashoin trend round here, so it'll be fine!!🤣🤣🤣

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Well done you! I’ve just done the run before this one and found it really hard😔good luck in the race for life x

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Fantastic! You will be fine at R4L next week - just be careful to take it easy as the runs step up to 25m. It isn’t the individual runs that get to you between W7 and W9, it is cumulative fatigue 👍🏼

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