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How much pain should I be in...?

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Hullo all, while running this morning (week 6 run 2) my thighs were feeling sore. In the past it's been more my calves and all I could think while running was - 'is this pain just moving to every part of my body?!'. After reading around it looks like I may be pushing myself quite hard pace wise with an average of a 6:45 km so now I'm worried these small pains are warning signs... how much pain is everyone else in while they're running??

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You shouldn't be in any pain. A bit of discomfort is fine, actual pain, no. You might ache afterwards as muscles not used to running will protest (at wk6 you are still a very new runner) but again that should be an ache, not pain.

Slow down if you think your pace may be the cause, in fact slow down anyway and see if there is an improvement. If you are running at that pace every run you are making a mistake as you are pushing your body to do a hard run every time and that is not good. Runs should not be at a hard pace every time.

Perhaps take an extra non-running day to give a bit longer recovery time. If an actual pain persists then it is time to seek medical advice.

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Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

The guide to the plan will answer many of your questions

I always say run as slow as you need to, and as a new runner that should be at an easy conversational pace. Your body will adapt perfectly well at that pace, regardless of whether you can run faster or not and it will reduce the impact stresses considerably.

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