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Week 8 still hanging in here


So, for a few reasons life has got in the way of running for the last couple of weeks which means that when I started week 8 I was managing one run a week. I finished two runs but it was just over a week until I ran again, so as much as I want to get to graduation I thought I’d better go back to the beginning of week 8 again and start over. I’ve finished run 1 and 2 again but I’m finding this week really tough.

As usual, I think most of it’s in my head, because even though I’m telling myself I can’t go on midway, as soon as I know I only have five minutes to go I get new legs. On the bright side, my impression of a running beetroot is coming on well.

Everyone seems to have a worst week, and this is mine. Still, one more run and it’ll be week 9 🏃‍♀️

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Sometimes your head just really messes with your legs doesn't it. 100%. I find the first 2-3 minutes extremely tough. X

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Oh yes! The first few minutes have been a real battle this week. And every time Laura chimes in. Five minutes. REALLY Laura? How can it only have been five minutes ......

You are so right about it being in your head. You CAN do this, you just have to believe that you can, and you will. As you say, everyone has their tough week, and once you’ve got this one in the bag it should be plain sailing through to your graduation.

Good luck and happy running.

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Thank you 😀 I can’t wait to be done with this week!

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