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First full post grad run


Graduated almost 2 weeks ago and decided to give myself a few days off to work out where I was going with this running. Decided I don’t really want to run for more than half an hour at a time but would like to be able to run a full 5K (only covering 2.8k at moment). Got back to it on Monday but run was aborted due to new running shoes causing my foot to go numb. Went out on Wednesday in old trainers and got half way round my route and lost my willpower to push on. Dragged myself out of bed this morning and got out there and have completed a full half hour run and managed to do 3k in that time so an improvement. Hopefully now I’ve done it without the app to spur me on I’ve broken that duck and won’t have any more problems. Here’s to getting up to 5K now.

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Good for you getting out there after graduating, I found it a bit daunting at first, but the programme works, youv’e got this. The 5km is not really a biggie you’ve proved you can run for 30 minutes, so just enjoy your runs, take your time, the distance will come. 😀

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