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Breathing, Leg Pain & Running News. W8R1


This morning, i completed my W8R1, much to my delight. About 18 minutes in i couldn't seem to get a good rhythm going with my breathing. It lasted probably around 90 - 120 seconds and i kept thinking that if i don't calm down and just relax, it will almost definitely result in me walking. I wasn't about to let that happen after following the last 21 runs to the program.

After a good few deep breaths and slightly slowing the pace, it settled back to normal and i completed W8R1 which im chuffed with. ONLY 5 LEFT!!!!

I've had another issue recently in the form of shin splint and it wasn't fun AT ALL. Up until the last 2 runs, I ran the vast majority of my runs on the road/pavement from differing routes around my area and the last 5 or 6, almost instantly at the start of a walk segment, my shin would start to throb. On the longer runs, as soon as the 5 min warm down started id be feeling it. When i stopped the warm down, for the next 35-45 minutes i'd be out of action putting ice packs on etc etc.

I read a few ways to combat this online being, reduce your workouts, stop until it gets better, run on grass and a few others.

So from then, i started to incorporate a section of grass running within the whole route. I do have quite a large field just down my road but running around this would very quickly become boring and i didn't the added issue of trying to combat boredom as well as the pain.

I have to say, the runs that incorporated grass have had an excellent result on the pain. There is still a twinge but nothing like what it was.

I really want to graduate this plan and then may reassess aspects of my running for future training but just thought id share this experience with everyone.

Keep going everyone, you're awesome.

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Morning. I’m sure you already did this in your research but could it be that you are over striding? I understand that can lead to shin splints.

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