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3 week break and lost motivation - any ideas?


Hey all.. I managed to get halfway through week 5 and then hurt my ankle (tripping on a pavement whilst walking would you believe!)

It was too painful to run so I have had a 3 week break and started up again today on week 4 run 1 (as I felt unfit).

I didn't enjoy it, I felt worse after the run than I did before it, and feel I have lost my motivation to even try again as today was a real struggle.

Has anyone struggled like this? What do you do to get motivated again, or did you just suck it up and carry on until you started liking running again?

I just want to get back to how I was a few weeks ago which was slowly but steady improving and happy at my little weekly achievements!

Any ideas/suggestions would be great

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It was maybe a mind game because you were taking a step back Millie, plus its warm, plus you may have started too quickly (seeing as how you had already completed this week)...

I would maybe try a new route to make it more interesting, and do either Wk4 R3 or Wk5 R1....whichever feels doable.

Start really slowly, and away you go...you have to post afterwards to let us know how it goes, so imagine what you will say whilst you run.

You can still do it...be kind to yourself and you will soon be moving ahead in the program...

Maybe treat yourself to a new piece of running kit ( running socks, a baseball cap or viser, wireless headphones 😆)

Look forward to your next post!

Good luck.😊xx


Don’t throw away the 15 runs you’ve already done that have brought you to this point.

Think of all the struggles you did to complete each run or to fit the runs into your schedule.

At the end of the day, you have to want to do this. What motivated you to start? What has changed?

I hope you choose to continue - I feel fantastic after my runs, however they go, and I want everyone to have that feeling.

Good luck!

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