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Oh my goodness 10.9k!!


Wow! I had a fabulous run this morning, completely unexpectedly. I’ve been a bit disheartened recently, running less often and less far than a few weeks ago, but today I went on an adventure, running routes I only vaguely know, got a bit lost a few times and just kept going. I did two 30 minute runs back to back ( the NRC app times you) and then a bit more, then a bit more, and could have kept going but I was about to be late for a girls lunch and needed time for a shower so I jumped on a tube home. When I added it up I had run 10.9 k ( with lots of road crossing and little pauses, but including gentle hills). I found I was actually enjoying myself!! So don’t despair, anyone who’s flagging, 5 months ago I couldn’t run for 30 seconds without pain, and this morning was amazing fun!!

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That’s great to hear, I’ve just finished C25K but it’s been hard and I wonder if I’ll ever improve; get quicker and/or run further but maybe I will!

SusieHicksGraduate in reply to Helenpa

You will! I graduated in April and it’s been up and down since then, but today was great! I’m getting marginally less slow, down to about 4K or just under in 30 minutes, and sometimes ( like today) it’s a positive pleasure, so hang in there and enjoy:-)

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