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Running with my children - this makes me really happy.

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"Dad, next time you go running can I come with you?"

"me too!"

So we got up and out this morning and did some intervals. A little different to my usual workout in that we did swimming arms while running, skipped and danced at times and did a stretch called "chicken wings," but this is what it's all about.

My own week 9 run 2 was very boring in comparison.

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Just lovely - this is what it's all about! Keeping fit and being a great role model to our kids too.🙂 ..Sadly it doesn't always work quite so well with teenagers - but I keep hoping!😀

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Lovely post and gorgeous photo of you and your boys. Your workout looks like fun. If i’m not mistaken dancing, skipping and stretching chicken wings and definitely swimming are Pilates moves, see you worked on your core too! One more run to go. 😃

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Aww tiger!! If that's not the happiest post and the most brilliant photo I've ever seen on here then I'll eat my shorts.

Doesn't get better than that!!

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My 6yr old loves coming on runs with me - and we have a running commentary the whole time as well 😂

Good luck with run 3

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Is it possible to have a quiet word with Admin so we can double-like this?

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BluebirdrunnerGraduate in reply to sallenson

Ha, I agree super post!😄

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What a super post and a great role model you are trogdelight!

I think we would all have enjoyed that run with you😊xx

Have a great graduation run!

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Fantastic, what a lovely thing to do.

My 7 year old told me the other day that he's going to ride his bike along side me as I run, so that he can keep telling me to go faster!

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How wonderful! Lovely photo too :-)

I'm running with my 13 year old son this week and it's been fab - we're doing Parkrun together on Saturday. His asthma means we will be incorporating some walking but I think he's particularly looking forward to sprinting at the end and leaving his poor old Mum for dust!

Think I might incorporate some swimming arms during the run - I don't like to miss an opportunity to embarass him 😂

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That is just the loveliest thing I’ve seen. Chicken wings should be compulsory. 👍🎉👍

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