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C25K gave me the push I needed

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So I've been fairly quiet on here..

I started C25K 6 weeks ago.

first run thought I was actually gonna die, lungs were burning, legs were like lead, 60 seconds felt like an eternity.. I really questioned myself after that first run. "Do i want to continue?" Why am i doing this?

But I completed week 1 and felt fantastic, really proud of myself. (This time last year I was smoker, very limited exercise walking the dog,bad eating habits. Now I no longer smoke, trying to be better with the fruit and veg and attempting C25K...)

My stamina was improved and breathing better, lungs weren't so bad. Legs still felt like lead though!

After completing week 3 i started to feel as if I hadn't done enough, I didn't feel satisfied or like I'd pushed myself, so I started ignoring Sarah( sorry Sarah) and just ran through the walks section bit by bit.

Now I'm not saying everyone should do this, this was my decision.

But by week 6 i was running for 25 mins( I had sarah on in the background, but more of a challenge to just see if I could run through all the walks..

So today i actually hit 5k I felt so proud of myself when my own health app pinged on 5k. I did it in 34 mins, so now my next challenge to myself is to get faster. And maybe work up to 10k 😲.

All I'm saying is take pride in your own achievements, no matter how slowly or quickly you get there... You can do it, even if it feels impossible to begin with. Only you can change you ..

Enjoy C25K 😁

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Well done for your achievement, however, it is a bit risky for a beginner to ignore rests, it seems to have worked for you but for the majority of people doing what you did risks injury.

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