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Breathing holding me back

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Hi all! This is my third crack at c25k - and I feel like I'm finally making progress! I'm at week 5 run 2 but finding it hard to breath well enough to do the 8 minutes comfortably, never mind moving to week 3! Within minutes of starting to run my breathing gets ragged and my mouth goes dry. I can control it well enough for a while but eventually have to give up and walk. Anyone else have this problem? I'm not asthmatic and don't smoke, although my husband does - could this be affecting me? My legs are fine, otherwise I feel I could be further on than I am which is really frustrating 😞

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Same problem. It’s all about the speed I’m afraid. You are going faster than your heart and lungs are ready for Just yet. Slow right down.

I still get very ragged breath about 6 mins in to the longer runs. But then my breath calms back down and I’ve just done my first 30 mins, so you can do this!

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That's good to know! I find it really hard to pace myself, long legs seems to equal long strides and a quick pace, without my even intending it. Must. Slow. Down

Definitely slow down. Try running on the spot. That's how short your pace can go. Anything moving forward is fast enough.

Yes slow down and you will do great.

Long legs, long stride does equal quicker pace, but can you not shorten your stride to help you with your breathing.

Try running on the spot for a short minute and feel your gentle footfall and count your steps per min.

Maybe you can find something comfortable for you,little short and quick steps🤔which will slow you down to your happy pace and help you get the extra oxygen you need.It will keep you at lower risk of injury also.Certainly do not overstride.👍

Perhaps too early yet but later on a tip is to imagine your feet in a cycling motion.

I hope this helps and that you can find your slow and steady happy pace.

Atb with your 5.3 run.

You are doing great.🌟👏👏

I used to have that problem before I started this programme - I assumed it was because I wasn't built for long distance running & was more of a sprinter. Since doing this programme I have learned so much- slow down & then slow down some more. I was running way too fast. I thought it was my lungs at one point & it was because I'd smoked in my youth - or because I'd had whooping cough as a child or that my mum smoked when she was pregnant with me. Nope - just going too fast! I'm now on W7. Wouldn't say I'm finding it easy but I'm finding it easier than I did when I ran full dark no stars before this programme. Try it. Good luck. Keep us posted

Out for a run tonight, will make it a slow and steady, hopefully will be able to be more comfortable and maybe can face run 3 next week! Thanks for all the advice ☺️

If you read the guide to the plan it explains that you should be running at an easy conversational pace. This is sustainable. Your pace obviously is not.

Slow down..............the most common bit of advice ever given out on this forum.

Hi I'm the same am slightly asthmatic but also a shallow breather. Upper chest breathing. The physio told me to inhale through my nose into my stomach area. Then blow out slowly through the mouth. I practice this firstly when at rest,laying down then when ever I think about it through the day. When running now I can slow my breathing down a bit. It's worth a try...

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