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Excited that niggles disappearing &just completed wk7

Finished wk 7 last night . So many niggles that seemed whoppers in earlier wks seemed to be ironing out . Doing exercises before & after has stopped the painfully tight leg feeling & painful knees . My breathing seems ok - in that I don’t notice it - I really struggled when the podcast first made breathing suggestions . I don’t worry if I can’t fit in a run every other day just do it as soon as I can so sometimes have 2 or 3 day gap .

Loving getting outside & getting the feel good factor when I’ve completed the run .

What I don’t know is how far I’m running presumably 4 k ish ? And there is a tiny worry starting - how will I manage without the programme . It’s been such an encouragement & my running partner 😟😟

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I use Strava alongside the app. It tracks the distance you do. I am only on week 2 so miles behind you but on today’s walk/plod/jog we did 4.1km in the 5 mins warm up and jog/ warm down.


It doesn’t matter how far. Don’t worry about it.

After C25k there is the follow-on podcasts C25k+ Stepping Stones. So plenty to do 🙂

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Well done! 😃 I’ve graduated and sometimes still listen to week 9 run 3 😃 and you can’t get rid of me off this forum 🤣🤣


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