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Week six done!

Week six run three done yesterday night, I found that I was coping and able until about 17/18 minutes, started flagging then, but really started to struggle in the last two minutes. It was a bit of an emotional finish again!

I managed to do 4.2K which I’m really pleased with! Hopefully the extra five minutes to make it up to 30 will bring me to 5K 😁

I really like this app and being able to share stories, tips, advice, and support with other people going through the same thing. You’re all amazing! We can do this 💪🏻

Week seven, give it all I’ve got!!

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Well done. Sounds like you are making good progress.


Well done! You're much faster than me! I don't think the extra 5 mins in week 9 will get me any where lose to 5km!!! That's a distant goal! I found the last 5 mins difficult but luckily I run with my sister and we won't let each other stop!

Good luck with week 7. I start tomorrow evening!


Ah you're doing really well!! You're well on the way to graduation 😀🍾😀


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