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Week 7 Run 3 - Wombling Free


New summer running top on, sun out, cool spring breeze, hardly anyone on the pavements or roads: I think that was the best run yet. It was the first one where when Jo said ‘time to slow down’ I was actually surprised and disappointed. I gave myself an extra days rest after a very busy week and it seems to have done the business. I think I may even be ready for Week 8 now 😀

Today is the big Shakespeare’s Birthday Parade in town so I had to get my run in early before it gets extremely busy. Now I’ve got to get out of my running clothes and into my Womble costume to join the Literary Parade! It’s going to be an odd sort of day 🤣🤣

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Haha I am more Weeble than Womble 😂 Have a great day and massive well done on your run!! W8 Eeek! Bring it on!! 🙌🙌

It’ll be a bit warm for wombling!

Well done for completing week 7

And enjoy week 8 😉


That's brilliant, well done. (Gives me a bit of hope too) :)

Enjoy your wombling later on too! :)


congratulations on finishing week 7and Im definitely a wobble without a costume :)

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